Green Chile Chorizo

Chorizo Verde
Recipe from Season 7, Mexico—One Plate at a Time
Servings: 11/2 pound (3 generous cups)


  • 1largefresh poblano chile
  • 1 or 2fresh serrano chiles, stemmed and roughly chopped
  • 1medium bunch of cilantro, tough lower stems cut off, the leafy part roughly chopped
  • 1 1/2pounds ground pork (you’ll need pork that’s a little fatty—25 to 30%—and preferably coarsely ground)
  • 3tablespoons spinach powder (available on the internet)
  • 2teaspoons salt


Roast the poblano chile directly over a gas flame or 4 inches below a very hot electric broiler, turning regularly until blistered and blackened all over, about 5 minutes for an open flame, about 10 minutes for the broiler. Cool until handleable, rub off the blackened skin, tear open and pull out the stem and seed pod. Quickly rinse to remove any seeds or bits of skin. Roughly chop and scoop into a food processor, along with the serrano(s) and cilantro. Pulse until uniformly chopped, then run the machine until you have a coarse puree.

In a large bowl, combine the pork with the green seasonings, spinach powder, and the salt—your hand is the most efficient utensil for working the seasonings thoroughly into the meat. Cover and refrigerate for several hours before frying to sprinkle over queso fundido, into soups or over huevos rancheros.


    1. Hello Scott,
      It is not hard at all to put these in casings assuming that you have the proper equipment. And we do not have any recipes currently for cured chorizo – just the traditional fresh Mexican Chorizos.

  1. I remember this episode well with the green chile chorizo y the episode also had a recipe that included spinach, a cheese and other ingredients. The recipe, when completed, was eaten on a tortilla. Fabulous!! Regrettably, I cannot remember or find the recipe. I would appreciate the recipe if time permits for I would love to eat that meal again. Thank you! Brad

  2. Hello chef,

    When you cook the chorizo verde, does it turn brown? Greens do turn brown when cooked! Does this chorizo (the geens) turn brownish?

    Thank you

    1. It does not turn brown per se, but it will not be the bright green color that it is in it’s raw form

  3. Saw a show where Rick made fresh red chorizo. Then made some little plates of maza. Then mixed in potatos. Can you help me with this….

    1. The recipe Tommy Gomez is looking for is from season 11, Mexico City Live. “Potato-Chorizo Sopes” Thje recipe for the chorizo and red adobo sauce is also included.

  4. What no tomatillos? Not possible. But of course there are many versions of this Toluca salsa verde chorizo. And you need to add green food coloring to make them neon.
    Great sausage!

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