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Topolo’s New Holiday Celebration Tasting Menu

Topolobampo’s new Fiesta Celebration tasting menu will be served through Dec. 30. Reservations can me made here. Mexico during the holiday season is lavish with tradition and festivity, almost all of it out for everyone—even visitors—to enjoy. For the nine days before Christmas, posadas gather people for rambunctious fruit-and-sweets-filled piñatas and sate them with cups … Continue reading Topolo’s New Holiday Celebration Tasting Menu

Bar Sótano’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Three years ago, we opened Bar Sótano as a tucked-away subterranean spot with a great mezcal list, beautifully crafted cocktails and modern Mexican menu that include lots of snacks, a baked-to-order paella and some of the Chicago’s best tacos. It’s been … um, eventful … since we opened. But our team has never wavered, turning each pandemic … Continue reading Bar Sótano’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Topolobampo’s Mole Flight

In my opinion, these 3 hand-crafted moles are the crowning jewels of the Mexican kitchen. Each weaves together a unique, complex symphony of flavors (chiles, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices) that is days in the making. At a holiday table, they can offer brilliance to something dramatic, something roasted. For an intimate dinner, warm one to … Continue reading Topolobampo’s Mole Flight

Abasolo & Bar Sótano Collaboration Dinner!

We are very excited to announce a special Dia de los Muertos collaboration! Join us on November 2nd as we welcome our friends from Abasolo to our basement bar! Abasolo El Whisky De Mexico is crafted and distilled from 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle (kaka • wha • SINT • lay) corn, which has been cultivated and passed down for more than 200 generations by … Continue reading Abasolo & Bar Sótano Collaboration Dinner!

Rick’s New Play: “A Recipe for Disaster!”

It’s influencer night at The Contumacious Pig, one of the city’s hottest restaurants, and with folks like @VeganChic in attendance, it’s bound to be an exciting evening. There’s only one problem: the head Chef just called in sick and the Sous Chef might have taken the wrong pill to calm his nerves. The health inspector … Continue reading Rick’s New Play: “A Recipe for Disaster!”