Easy Old Fashioned Margarita

Recipe from Season 3, Mexico—One Plate at a Time


  • You’ll need three ingredients for this very refreshing, exemplary margarita: fresh-squeezed lime juice, a 100% agave silver tequila (what’s called a blanco in Mexico) and Cointreau (or its Mexican equivalent, Controy—both have the necessary sweetness and full flavor that Triple Sec doesn’t). Plan on about 3 tablespoons of each per drink, meaning that 3/4 cup of each will yield about 4 margaritas.


Pour coarse (Kosher) salt into a small plate. Use a lime half to
moisten the rim of your cocktail glasses (I typically use martini
glasses), then tip them into the salt to encrust the rim.

Mix equal portions of lime juice, tequila and Cointreau in a
pitcher. Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice cubes, add enough
margarita mixture for a couple of drinks (a generous cup), secure the
lid and shake for a full 15 seconds to chill the mixture and properly
dilute it with the melting ice. Strain into the salt-rimmed glass and


  1. We think the best Margaritas in the universe are served at the San Anget Inn in Mexico City———
    These are close for a pure tasty cocktail

  2. San angel Inn is indeed the best in the Universe and that recipe is close enough to be #2 !!!!

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