Chicharrón de Harina (Vegetarian Pork Rinds)



You can buy many different shapes of chicharron de harina in Mexican grocery stores—they range from flat “lasagna”-like sheets to tiny squiggles—but the wagon wheel shape seems to be most common.  In a pot or deep skillet, heat an inch or so of vegetable oil to about 350 degrees.  Add a small handful of the chicharrones (about 10 of the wagon wheels) to the hot oil.  Stir them as they puff up and brown—it usually takes about 1 minute for them to crisp completely—then use a skimmer/spider or slotted spoon to remove them to paper towels to drain.  Traditionally, these are served drizzled with Mexican hot sauce and a squeeze of lime for a messy finger snack.  I like to sprinkle on Mexican queso añejo/Cotija or other aged cheese like Parmesan or Romano.  

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