notes from the mexican kitchen

Topolovino Baja Release Party: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Dinner at Leña Brava

Come celebrate the first-ever release of our exclusive Topolovino Baja. It’s incredible, if we do say so ourselves. Crafted by our wine director Jill Gubsesch in partnership with Adobe Guadalupe winery, "Topolovino Baja" is a Cabernet Franc-based blend of grapes grown in the fertile vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe in Baja Norte. It will only be poured at our [...]

Bienvenido a 2018

Happy New Year from the empty kitchens of Frontera Grill. Yes, empty. It’s a rare sight, but it’s time for our annual wintertime siesta. But don’t fret: Leña Brava and Cervecería Cruz Blanca in the West Loop will remain open, uninterrupted. Topolobampo, Frontera Grill and Xoco reopen Jan. 9. Say, are you sick of all those lazy end-of-year recaps? […]


Announcement! Rick is Starting a New Culinary Training Program

 Chef Rick Bayless is starting a culinary training program for low-income students at The Hatchery, a food and beverage business incubator on the city’s West Side. “I believe this program can help surmount two big challenges in the city — lack of cooks to fill our restaurants’ kitchens and a lack of both solid preparation […]