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Frontera’s New Seasonal Menu is a Tribute to Josefina Velázquez de León


Josefina Velázquez de León is an incredibly important name in the history of Mexican food. Sadly, most people don’t know who she is. This month, Frontera Grill is proud to bring you a seasonal menu inspired by this influential author’s many contributions to Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. Our chefs have pored over our collection of […]

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Make Mexican for Memorial Day


No, I’m not expecting you to dig a classic Mexican backyard pit to cook lamb barbacoa for your Memorial Day taco party. (If you really want to, though, here’s my step-by-step procedure…) But I can suggest an alternate version, one where a lamb shoulder, wrapped in aromatic leaves and marinated in red chile, roasts in […]

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Chicken Tacos with Sorrel Salsa: So Good, So Easy


In my garden, the appearance of herby green sorrel, in all of its fresh green, lemony-splendor, means spring is in full swing. To tell the truth, I inherited the plant, and never really had a passion for it, never had a go-to dish to use it.  Until I learned from fellow chef/restaurateur Cindy Pawlcyn to […]