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Are You Ready For Some Football!?


It’s almost time for the big game and that means parties.  And is any party complete without some great snack?  Without a great guacamole?  For our party we’re cooking some pretty amazing, spicy red chile chicken wings and an epic guacamole with roasted tomatillo, grilled green onions, and smoky bacon.  What else do you need? Well, besides […]

Mexican Weekend/

A Warm and Healthy Soup for Your Weekend

Still feeling full from your holiday feasting?  We are too, but this soup is the answer.  This Mustard Green soup studded with roasted poblano and yukon gold potatoes, and thickened with almonds is the perfect soup for January.  Not only is it super healthy and a great start for those New Year's Resolutions, but it is also [...]

XOCO: Big and Bold


XOCO is kicking off 2015 with big and bold flavors! Chef Alonso arrives at the restaurant at 6AM, and rekindles the fire in our wood-burning oven.  For those snowy mornings, Chef Alonso has created the Winter Vegetable Mollete with a marmalade of tomato, ancho chile and orange.  These bright, tangy flavors are the perfect wake-up call! Mole […]