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Slideshow: Rick in Mexico City


I’ve loved Mexico City since I was 14 years old.  Never been there that my heart didn¹t beat a little faster (and not just because it’s at nearly 8,000 feet!).  I love the pace, the stew-pot of culture from high to low, from traditional to modern.  I love the serendipity that floats in and out of every visitor’s experience, […]


Mango guacamole and oyster mushroom tamals—it’s Frontera’s new spring menu!

Camote Cake / Super moist cake of local carrot & Mexican white sweet potato, cream cheese frosting, Xtabentun-cream cheese ice cream, coconut cookie crumble.

Mangos show up a couple times in Frontera’s spring menu: There’s mango in the guacamole (don’t dismiss the power of fruit in guacamole, people) and mango sorbet in the sopa de frutas. But mangos aren’t the only signs of spring: We’ve got fiddlehead ferns in our chicken fideos, shrimp in a herb-packed adobo and carrots in […]

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Ramps are here. Let’s make them stay.


Here’s a dirty secret of the food world: Ramps aren’t actually that special. They’re wild leeks (though these days they’re also cultivated), and while, sure, they taste really good (like a slightly sweet, garlicky spring onion), it’s not the ramps themselves that everybody freaks out about—it’s what the ramps symbolize. And what they symbolize is […]