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A Gorgeous Appetizer for Your Holiday Party

Looking for the perfect appetizer to serve this Christmas or bring to that holiday party? Look no further! This appetizer can be made as a plated dish or simply served in a bowl with toasted canapes for the perfect dip. The beet creates a dramatic color, the ricotta adds a luxurious creaminess, and the ancho adds a slight [...]
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The perfect winter margarita

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  We think of margaritas as warm-weather tipples, a cocktail to be consumed poolside, or on the beach, or (if we’re really in a pinch) sipped from a discreet thermos on the tennis court. But what happens when winter comes? What becomes of our margarita habit then? The answer is two delicious words: blood oranges. This wintertime […]


XOCO: Warmth and Comfort


The sun’s light shining down on the city of Chicago has ebbed in the time of the swiftly arriving winter solstice, necessitating warmer coats and comforting foods.  The chefs at Xoco have crafted this month’s menu with the beginning of the winter season in mind. Our Smoked Pork Loin Salad has a satisfying supply of smokey pork.  Tartly […]