notes from the mexican kitchen
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Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos: Not Your Grandma’s Picnic Food


There’s this Mexican tradition of turning just about any leftover into a taco filling, and today we’re going to honor that in a big, delicious way. Take chicken salad. No, not the boring old mayonnaise-and-celery version. This recipe evolves the summertime picnic classic into a fresh mix of grilled or roast chicken with creamy avocado, […]


Frontera’s New Seasonal Menu is Mexican Magic


Seasonal summer touches are all over the new seasonal menu at Frontera Grill, and so is the Mexican inspiration. There they are in our new guacamole, packed with juicy strawberries and tropical, floral  habanero chiles; and again in the charred green tomatillo “milpero” salsa that tops our Garbanzo Bean Tlacoyos, a common snack in the […]

Taco Tuesday/

Shrimp a la Mexicana: Speedy, Special & Spicy


OK, I know that speed is typically of the essence for weeknight dinners — that’s basically the impetus for this whole #TacoTuesday thing — so here’s one of the quickest recipes I know that manages to deliver incredibly great flavor. I’m talking about shrimp a la mexicana, that classically spicy preparation of finely chopped green chiles, ripe […]