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Chili and Football: A Match Made in Heaven

Most of us have that same Pavlovian response.  Someone says football; everyone thinks chili.  Usually the typical "ground beef+chili powder+boatloads of cumin" type. So, because I'm more of a South-of-the-Border guy, I'm offering you this "best of all worlds" chili made with chunks of beef and pork and a rich chili sauce made from ancho [...]

Restaurant Week – January 30-February 12

This year all 4 restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week.  See below for our special menus. Frontera Grill  Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu    Topolobamopo  Lunch Menu XOCO  Menu XOCO Bistro  Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu   
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Are You Ready For Some Football!?


It’s almost time for the big game and that means parties.  And is any party complete without some great snack?  Without a great guacamole?  For our party we’re cooking some pretty amazing, spicy red chile chicken wings and an epic guacamole with roasted tomatillo, grilled green onions, and smoky bacon.  What else do you need? Well, besides […]