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Greens, Beans and Hugs From Your Mexican Abuelita


This edition of Mexican Weekend isn’t about celebration food. It’s about old-fashioned food. Comfort food. Peasant food, some might be tempted to call it. I’m talking about tried-and-true greens and beans and making them amazingly satisfying with a red chile sauce made from the bright, earthy flavors of dried guajillo chiles and garlic. Spoon the mixture […]


A Sad Day in Mexico

In Mexico yesterday turned out to be a very sad day–some would say a day of immeasurable cruelty. A judge overturned the 2013 ban on growing GMO corn, in the country that gave us corn, that offers us more corn diversity than anywhere on the planet. What do we have to look forward to now? […]

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This Skillet Dessert Recipe Really is a Piece of Cake


If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to keep rich desserts sitting on the kitchen counter. (I just eat them, one little bite at a time until there’s nothing left!) But this simple upside-down cake is a different story altogether. It’s made with muffin batter and height-of-season peaches perfumed with lime zest , and […]