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Frontera-on-the-Fly: A new lunch option at the bar



If you’ve been to lunch at Frontera lately you’ve probably seen a number of four- and six-tops, groups of people (probably co-workers) drinking margaritas like they’re going out of style (note: they’re not) and in general having a really, really good time—so good that you might wonder how productive they’ll be at work the rest of the day.

Lunches like that are awesome. But let’s be real—we can’t spend two hours drinking tequila and eating carne asada every day. That’s why today we’re launching a new, no-fuss lunch option at the Frontera bar. We’re calling it Frontera-on-the-Fly.

Frontera-on-the-Fly is the kind of lunch you can eat every day. It’s a smaller menu of some of our quicker items: guacamole, ceviche, tacos al carbón. You eat your salad, you eat your tostada, and before you know it you’re back at work.

See the new menu below. Or better yet—ask one of our bartenders.

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Topolo in 60: A three-course lunch in under an hour


Life isn’t always as luxurious as you want it to be. Take your daily commute, for example. Chances are you got to work this morning via a car or train. A yacht would have been a more pleasant way to start your day, but there’s that whole time/money/body of water issue.

Lunch at Topolobampo used to be the same way: Fabulous. Luxurious. But time consuming, and thus something you couldn’t do every day.

Today, we change all that. Because today, we introduce Topolo in 60, a fabulous, luxurious prix-fixe lunch that gets you in and out of Topolo in an hour for $25. (Of course, if you feel like extending your stay, be our guest!)

What does a Topolo in 60 menu look like? Luxurious, obviously. Here’s a sample menu so you can see for yourself:


Classic Salad
Bayless greens, toasted walnuts, walnut oil, lime, chile threads

Sopa Azteca
Pasilla broth, chicken, crispy tortillas, avocado, local cheese, crema

Classic Ceviche
albacore, lime, tomato, serrano chile, olives, cilantro

Carne Asada
wood-grilled natural-raised flank steak, Oaxacan black mole, chepil tamal, smoky green beans

Atlantic Striped Bass
yellow mole (guajillo, hoja santa, tomato), crispy Chesapeake Bay oysters, fennel, local mushrooms

homemade tortillas, parsnip-camote mash, creamy cincho cheese, luscious black bean- habanero sauce, frisee salad

Cajeta Brownie Sundae
Mexican vanilla-milk chocolate ice cream, Mexican chocolate brownies, cajeta, whipped cream, meringue

Sopa de Frutas
creamy mango-coconut swirl sorbet, papaya, honey Manila mango scented with Bayless Garden kafir lime, sparkling Beck Grove lime-pineapple “broth”