notes from the mexican kitchen

Our favorite day of the year is here!

JOIN IS FOR THE 2023 FRONTERA FARMER FOUNDATION DINNER! Tickets are available here: Since its official start in 2003, the Frontera Farmer Foundation has been dedicated to changing the lives of those behind midwestern family farms. This year is no different. We are awarding $200,000 to 18 different farms with projects as diverse as … Continue reading Our favorite day of the year is here!


The King of Cabrito returns!

It is not often that someone achieves the title of “master craftsman.” That’s a designation reserved for those who have cultivated a consistent degree of true, unencumbered excellence. Chef Juan Ramón Cárdenas is, in fact, a master craftsman of Northern Mexico’s famous cabrito al pastor, the careful slow roasting of young goats over coals.  Having … Continue reading The King of Cabrito returns!


The Women of Clark Street

As you no doubt are aware, March is Women’s History Month, a national celebration of the impact women have had on our shared history and modern culture. Over the four Clark Street restaurants, Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Bar Sótano, and Xoco, over 60% of our management team are women. To celebrate them, we have put together … Continue reading The Women of Clark Street

Chef's Travels/ Topolo/

A Menu Made of Adventure

There are many different ways the Topolobampo creative team find inspiration for their next offering. And with six tasting menus planned out for the calendar year (amidst other special events), it is absolutely paramount that the team constantly explore, question, and, ultimately, discover new sources of inspiration to build each culinary story.  To capture their … Continue reading A Menu Made of Adventure


Celebrating the Women Behind Mexican Wine

Tickets available now! On the eve of International Women’s day, Chef Rick Bayless and Wine Director Jill Gubesch will be hosting an exclusive celebratory wine dinner at Topolobampo featuring the work of Mexican Winemaker, Nicole Martain, her sister, wine Importer Michelle Martain, and Local Distributor Susan VanKoughnett. These three women bring great wine from Mexico … Continue reading Celebrating the Women Behind Mexican Wine