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It’s Time for Tongue Tacos

Whole animal cooking is trendy and all, popular like it was just discovered. But the truth is that it’s been done everywhere, all over the world, yes, especially in Mexico. Which brings me to beef tongue, one of the most beloved traditional dishes practically anywhere —well, except modern America. What’s going on? I mean, the […]

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Persimmons and Pork? It’s Happening on #TacoTuesday

 For me, persimmons are one of those under-the-radar wonders of the fall harvest. Mild, beguiling sweet, they’re a staple on the late-fall dessert menus of our Chicago restaurants. Here, though, we’re taking a turn for the savory — I think you’ll find them a fun, fruity compliment to the smoky butterflied pork. When shopping for […]


“Smiles, Delicious Food” and Mole: It’s November at Frontera

It’s been quite a month, hasn’t it? Let’s all take a brief pause and think about what brings us joy. Here at Frontera, that means looking out toward our local farms, toward Mexico,  and doing our very best to bring the two together. We think we’ve done just that on our latest menu. Everything on […]

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The Thanksgiving Leftovers You’re Looking For

So, you’ve made it through another Thanksgiving holiday (perhaps including a share of awkward forced pleasantries) and it’s time, finally and gloriously, to fix up your very own plate of leftovers. Now, I’m not, well, necessarily saying you should just pile whatever’s lingering in the fridge onto a warm tortilla and call it lunch.Oh, okay, […]

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Seasonal Splendor: Squash Tacos with Salsa Macha

We here at #TacoTuesday HQ care about your valuable time. That’s why we’re enlisting perhaps my favorite secret weapon, the microwave, for this super-seasonal recipe of squash tacos with salsa macha. By steaming the squash in the microwave — and then browning it in a pan with delicious brown butter — we’re eliminating loads of time otherwise […]