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It’s (Tuna) Taco Tuesday!!


Let’s talk tuna. I know tuna steaks aren’t the first thing that come to mind when we think about tacos, but stay with me. Grill-seared cubes of tuna — plus a slathering of spicy-creamy chipotle mayo, a bed of toothsome, bitter frisée and a squeeze of lime — cry out for warm tortillas. Key to […]


XOCO Brings Maya to the Midwest


This month, XOCO is all about bringing you flavors of the Yucatán with Midwest ingredients. “These are refreshing and bright flavors, especially in the hot days of July,” says Chef Wil Bravo. Take the escabeche salad, highlighting our house made recado blanco seasoning, a classic spice paste from the Yucatán. The seasoning does double duty: it’s […]

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Cochinita Pibil on the Grill: The Summer Recipe You’ve Been Waiting For


To watch the unearthing of Yucatecan cochinita pibil is like watching a rustic sort of magic happen before you. The once-green banana leaves, now brittle from hours spent under the earth in rock-lined pits called pibes, are moved aside to reveal a steamy, aromatic treasure — little pigs marinated in brick-red achiote seasoning and sour […]

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Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos: Not Your Grandma’s Picnic Food


There’s this Mexican tradition of turning just about any leftover into a taco filling, and today we’re going to honor that in a big, delicious way. Take chicken salad. No, not the boring old mayonnaise-and-celery version. This recipe evolves the summertime picnic classic into a fresh mix of grilled or roast chicken with creamy avocado, […]


Frontera’s New Seasonal Menu is Mexican Magic


Seasonal summer touches are all over the new seasonal menu at Frontera Grill, and so is the Mexican inspiration. There they are in our new guacamole, packed with juicy strawberries and tropical, floral  habanero chiles; and again in the charred green tomatillo “milpero” salsa that tops our Garbanzo Bean Tlacoyos, a common snack in the […]