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Meet the Frontera Farmer Foundation’s Class of 2014

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It’s one of the most rewarding days of the year—the day we tell the small, sustainable farms in the Midwest that they’ve received a grant from the Frontera Farmers Foundation. This year, our class is as strong as ever. As always, our grants are awarded to small farms in the Midwest who need a little […]


You’re invited to Rick and Deann’s Ultimate Garden Party

Frontera Garden Party 1

Last year we were thinking about ways to support the Frontera Farmer Foundation. We wondered: Was there something we could do to get the word out, and maybe raise a few dollars for some farmer grants? After rejecting a few ideas (no, a taco-eating contest wasn’t among them), we struck on something: A party in […]


Farmers Market Mexican at XOCO

The summer has (un)officially started!   Inspired by Chicago farmers markets, the Xoco chefs have crafted our new seasonal menu with Midwestern produce in mind, staying true to authentic Mexican flavors.  We have a torta that features quelites, or lamb’s quarters, a delicious dark leafy green.  But this is no vegetarian torta: we pair the quelites […]


Behind The Scenes of Topolo’s New Art Menu


Browse all seven courses of our new art menu—and the artworks that inspired them—in the slideshow above. Six weeks ago, Rick gathered the Topolo chefs around the big wood table in our library. “This is going to be absolutely the most difficult thing in the world,” he told them. “You’re taking an emotional reaction and turning it […]

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Introducing Farmers Market Mexican, our new web series!

Today we’re psyched to release the first four episodes of our new web series, Farmers Market Mexican. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this series is all about cooking in the moment, with foods from local farmers, and through a Mexican lens. We’ll be releasing these throughout the summer and fall. But for now, we’re […]