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Rick’s Holiday Cookbook Gift Guide

Searching for recipes online is great — we have thousands for you to browse — but there's just nothing like the feeling of propping open a real ink-and-paper cookbook, getting down to business and staining the pages as you work through your favorite recipes. And there's nothing like giving or receiving a present. To that end, [...]
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Comfort for the Cold: Chipotle-Seasoned Pot Roast


Taken as I am with the with the texture and flavorful depth of honest-to-goodness American pot roast, I just love the Mexican flavors of roasted tomatillos, garlic and smoky chipotle chiles even more. In the same pot, with a chorus of Mexican-American vegetables, the meat and sauce become a whole. This is, simply, classic comfort food […]


A Frontera Holiday Feast


Christmastime in Chicago is downright magical, what with the snow falling gently onto the glowing city streets. Step inside Frontera this month and there’s a different sort of magic, one that evokes the spirit of the Mexican Christmas. It’s warm in here. Festive. And the food? Well, the new menu is all sorts of amazing. “We […]

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The Only Thanksgiving Leftover Dish You Need


This version of Shepherd’s Pie hits the Thanksgiving leftover trifecta: It (obviously) uses leftovers, feeds a big crowd and can basically be made in one pan. Oh, and it’s really good. We made a couple big batches of it in the Frontera test kitchens and let’s just say they didn’t last long, with chefs and staffers stopping by for big forkfuls and […]

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My Latest Trip to Baja


Having just returned from a research trip to northern Baja after having been away for a couple of years, I am amazed at what has happened. Tijuana continues to evolve as a major place for great dining (if your image of Tijuana is still that ’80s hideousness that pandered to ugly American tourists, you won’t […]