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Chicken fideos and hoja santa tres leches: It’s Frontera’s May menu!


There’s so much #want on Frontera’s new menu. An incomplete list: Those crispy, bacon-stuffed tortitas that come with the pork. The duck carnitas stuffed in the tamal. VANILLA-POACHED RHUBARB We repeat: The above list is incomplete. But scroll through the photos above and you’ll soon have a long list of your own.


How to reserve a table—and find Rick—during the NRA show.

This weekend, the restaurant world descends on Chicago for the National Restaurant Association Show. And as in years past, we’ve expanded our hours to be ready: Both Frontera Grill and Topolobampo will be open for dinner on Sunday May 18th and Monday May 19. (To reserve a table for those nights, call us at 312-661-1434.) If […]

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Topolobampo receives four stars from the Chicago Tribune!

Collision Course 1000x550

Back in February, the Chicago Tribune’s restaurant critic, Phil Vettel, stopped by Topolobampo to try our Mexico City, 1491 menu. He called it “astonishing,” and we were stoked. Nobody expected he would keep on coming back to Topolo in the weeks following that piece, but apparently he did, and today he’s out with a new […]

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This Mother’s Day, we’re making granola. Yes, granola.

This morning, Katy and I spoke at length about what the perfect Mother’s Day recipe is. (Forgetful folks may want to take this as a reminder—Mother’s Day is this Sunday!) Like most people, our first thoughts were of baked goods. But baked goods just weren’t sitting right. Anything with chocolate seemed wrong. Strawberry shortcake—at one time […]


Tickets to the 2014 Dinner Like No Other are now on sale!

Tickets to our annual Dinner Like No Other—a fundraiser for our Frontera Farmer Foundation—are now being sold. If you’re new to the Dinner Like No Other, here are two things you need to know: 1. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience food that Rick and his chefs have never made before—and will never make again. […]