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Explore Topolo’s New Menu – “Mexico: Taste & Time”


A well-known fact: In order to know someone intimately you must eat their food. But tastes are not static. Cuisine is ever-evolving. Flavors change over time. This menu invites you to get to know Mexico intimately over the last 500 years, from Aztec days, through its Spanish domination and evolving independence, to today’s modern kitchen. […]

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Huitlacoche: Corn Truffle in the Streets, Corn Smut in the Sheets


In Mexico, huitlacoche, that mysterious looking mushroom that grows right out from the ear of corn, is pure luxury.  Here in the states, well, it’s considered a blemish at best, evil “corn smut” at worst. So it’s true: one man’s meat is another man’s poison.  And for the record, you can count me in the […]


XOCO’S New Menu Has Us Falling in Love

Let's talk about fall. It's pretty much everyone's favorite month, right?  While XOCO loves the summer months and the abundant produce it brings, we too love autumn, when everyone seems to downshift into a slower, rhythm.  But you know who continues to work hard? Farmers. And they're supplying us with the best of the season, [...]
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Brussels Sprouts in Escabeche: Great Recipe Risk, Great Culinary Reward


If there’s one thing we’re not afraid of here at #TacoTuesday HQ, it’s getting a little, um…weird? unusual? offbeat?…with our recipes. But, sometimes, with great recipe risks can come great culinary rewards. Such is the case with Brussels Sprouts in Escabeche, which makes for a headscratchingly delicious taco. Trust. Think of Mexican escabeches as a […]


And the Winners of the Frontera Scholarship Are…


    The team here at Frontera is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year’s Frontera Scholarship, which awards Mexican-American Chicago Public Schools students a full ride to Kendall College, the city’s premiere culinary and hospitality management school.  The winners are: Luis Lebron and Edwin Rosales, two promising, hardworking young men with bright futures. Those aren’t just platitudes: Luis […]