notes from the mexican kitchen

Frontera’s Summer Menu is a Family Affair


The dishes on Frontera’s latest seasonal summer menu have migrated from The Library (our private dining room) into the main dining room, but you might say they really originated in Veracruz. “A lot of these dishes are inspired by my family in Veracruz…this menu is a chance to showcase these dishes to a wider audience,” […]

Taco Tuesday/

Cool it Down with Shrimp Tacos and Crunchy Vegetables


The inspiration for this #TacoTuesday stretches all the way back to my first research trips to Mexico, when a Yucatecan taquería cook showed me how to beat the peninsula’s stifling heat. See, near the fresh seafood stalls in the bustling Mercado Lucas de Galvez, you’ll find a row of fondas selling tacos and tostadas with […]

Taco Tuesday/

The Perfect Farmers’ Market Taco

TT_Squash_Summer Taco_180x135

It’s late July in Chicago, and my heart is racing. That’s what happens every year when I see all of the bounty in my farmers’ market. I don’t know where to start. Perhaps, like me, you can feel intimidated by all of that abundance. Don’t be. Just heed my advice: make tacos. Specifically, tacos of […]

Taco Tuesday/

Scallops a la Diabla: #Taco Tuesday Acapulco Gold


This week’s #TacoTuesday takes a page from Acapulco’s seaside playbook, where market vendors serve spicy, guajillo-drenched shrimp a la diabla. Eating hot, spicy food to beat the heat may seem a bit of an oxymoron, but spicy foods are known to stimulate circulation and increase your body temperature, which induces sweating, which actually cools the body […]


Presenting the Topolo Art Menu 2016


I think we can all agree: Food can make us feel good. It can make us feel comforted, too. Or nostalgic. Or giddy with pleasure and desire. Or even a little uncertain. Sometimes I feel surprised, even shocked, by what I taste. Art can evoke feelings, too, of course, whether it’s in the form of […]