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Taco Tuesday: Put Some Huevos On It


This being Taco Tuesday, I’m taking one of the most classic preparations of the Mexican kitchen—huevos a la Mexicana—and folding it into warm corn tortillas for the most delicious speedy tacos I know how to make. All these tacos require are a hot pan, melted fat, whisked eggs and the a la Mexicana part—that’s tomatoes, green […]

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Clear Your Calendars: Taco Tuesday is Here


If I had to choose a single taco that I believe would have the greatest appeal, it would be chorizo-potato (with salsa verde, avocado and cilantro, of course). Chorizo is the bacon of Mexico. And we all know what magnetic charm bacon has.  Rich and tender with deep-red chile, fragrant with herbs and spices, pleasantly tangy with a touch […]

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A Remedy for Post-New Year’s Revelry


Call it a hunch, but something tells me you’re going to need a jump start when you wake up tomorrow, whether it’s early in the morning or the afternoon. (I won’t judge.) Something also tells me you won’t want to think too much about cooking. So let’s keep it simple and traditional with tomatillo-sauced chilaquiles, […]

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The Top 10 Rick Bayless Recipes, New Newsletter & More!


Beginning early next year, we’re morphing our weekly newsletter into something we think you’re going to love. Prepare yourselves for the launching of the Taco Tuesday Times, coming to your inbox after the first of the year.   Yes, we’re promising you 52 taco recipes in one year, and they’ll be delivered to you every […]


C’mon, You Like Good Food, Right?


If you’re reading this post in the morning, chances are I’ll be standing at my stovetop, preparing a helluva breakfast. Chorizo is sizzling in a pan. Browning onion and spicy poblano are filling my kitchen with the an incredible aroma. Toasty-smelling tortillas are warming on an open flame. Roasted tomatillo salsa is standing by. It’ll […]