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#MoreBayless Contest Winners: Round 2


You’ve done it again. The second round of #MoreBayless photos — showing off this recipe for grilled asparagus topped with a creamy pasilla sauce — rolled in almost constantly on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Alas, there can only be five winners. The winning entries are posted below and their signed copies of Rick’s “More Mexican […]

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Get Grilling: Grilled Salmon with Toasted Peanut Salsa


As we head into late spring, keep your eyes peeled for the wild salmon that’s beginning to show up in fish markets. Why? Because there’s magic to be made. When it hits the smoky grill, fresh wild salmon reveals and releases its stunning flavor and buttery texture. Topped with a rich gilding of red-chile peanut […]

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Hello, Spring! Grilled Asparagus with Creamy Pasilla Chile


Vibrant and green, asparagus is one of my favorite first crops of the springtime harvest. (No more turnips and rutabaga ’til next fall!) In this recipe (I made it for Easter dinner!), a large bunch gets grilled (or roasted in a 400-degree oven) and drizzled with a luxuriously rich crema made from dried, near-black pasilla chiles, caramelized onion […]


XOCO: Flavors in Bloom

Big flavors are in bloom on the new seasonal menu at Xoco on Clark St.!  We are very excited to serve refined dishes with lamb and trout, as well as a homey soup of chicken and rice from our chef’s childhood. For the first time in years, naturally raised Gunthorp Farm lamb is being featured […]


#MoreBayless Contest Winners: Round 1


We asked for your photos of my Enchiladas Verdes recipe, a recipe from my new cookbook, “More Mexican Everyday.” (You can pre-order it here :)) You answered with an avalanche of truly great food photos, many of them celebrating your own special twists on the dish. Over the past week, you packed the #MoreBayless hashtag with vivid pics […]