notes from the mexican kitchen
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Warm up with Butternut and Bacon for Taco Tuesday


This tangy, sweet-and-smoky, soul-satisfying butternut braise is remarkably easy to make. Which, I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, is what Taco Tuesday is all about. As many great recipes do, this one starts with frying up some chopped bacon. Then, it’s on to the roasted tomatillo-garlic-chipotle sauce, which acts as a braise for the cubed […]

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It’s Taco Tuesday and it’s Time for Mexican-Style Zucchini Tacos


OK, this week’s Taco Tuesday takes me back to my time as a student living in Mexico City, where this mixture of tatume squash and roasted poblano in a tomato-crema sauce quickly became my go-to order at the taqueíra down the street. Nostalgia aside, it’s still one of my favorite tacos of all time. It […]

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Taco Tuesday: Put Some Huevos On It


This being Taco Tuesday, I’m taking one of the most classic preparations of the Mexican kitchen—huevos a la Mexicana—and folding it into warm corn tortillas for the most delicious speedy tacos I know how to make. All these tacos require are a hot pan, melted fat, whisked eggs and the a la Mexicana part—that’s tomatoes, green […]


XOCO: Winter Xocoland

This month, the first of 2016, we welcome Chef Julio De Leon, who joins Chef Glenn, to Xoco.  Chef Julio has been a sous chef for both Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, and brings forth vibrant colors and intense flavors to light up our palettes on this first menu of the new year. Chamoy is a Mexican […]

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Clear Your Calendars: Taco Tuesday is Here


If I had to choose a single taco that I believe would have the greatest appeal, it would be chorizo-potato (with salsa verde, avocado and cilantro, of course). Chorizo is the bacon of Mexico. And we all know what magnetic charm bacon has.  Rich and tender with deep-red chile, fragrant with herbs and spices, pleasantly tangy with a touch […]