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Herby Ricotta-Poblano Tacos are the Perfect Party Food

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If your only experience with ricotta has been smothered inside lasagna or ravioli, you need to try this simple, herby, green-chile studded ricotta taco. Like, today. This is great party food: just put out of bowl of filling, warm tortillas (or crispy tostadas) in a cloth-lined basket, and some salsa, so everyone can assemble their […]


XOCO: Autumn Fiesta

We are celebrating the start of the fall with our new menu, titled appropriately enough, Autumn Fiesta!  We are inviting everyone to come to this month-long party.  As at any good fiesta, we have prepared refreshing drinks, irresistible savory dishes and amazing sweet treats! The start of your meal may or may not involve a […]

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Roasted Garlic Chicken with Mushrooms, Potatoes and Spinach: A Big Bowl of Slow-Cooked Comfort


Every time I write about slow-cooked dishes, I drift off into reverie thinking about the flavors mingling and deepening at that perfect temperature just below a simmer. And slow-cooked garlic is one of my all-time favorites. Add in some chicken thighs, deliciously textured mushrooms and potatoes, and, well, it’s a satisfying dish that’s made to […]

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Let Topolo Take You to Another Oaxaca


Oaxaca is legendary among Mexico’s regional cuisine. It is, of course, the land of the SEVEN MOLES! But it’s a whole lot more. And that’s where Topolo’s latest menu will take you. First we head to to the beach for oysters and a little mezcal. Then we’re off to the infamous, smoke-filled “taco corridor” in downtown Oaxaca […]

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Al Pastor, Always and Forever


So, this isn’t going to be true tacos al pastor. For the absolute best version, you’d need at least 20 pounds of thin-sliced marinated pork, a charcoal-fired contraption like the ones used for roasting Greek gyros and a long knife to slice off slivers of the succulent roasty meat into waiting fresh corn tortillas. Assuming you […]