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There’s a TON of new and exciting things happening on Clark Street and in the world of Chef Rick Bayless, so we just put it all together for you here — we hope you enjoy!

Frontera Grill and Topolobampo are hosting the fiesta you want to be at for New Year’s Eve 2023. Get your tickets now at the links below.

Cook along LIVE with Chef Rick Bayless!

Goldbelly Live classes are now available! Chef Rick is hosting an exclusive live cooking class, only available through Goldbelly — give the gift of a Masterchef dinner, wherever you may be in the U.S. Frontera Grill’s Tamales and Pecan Pie are also now on Goldbelly, just in time for the holiday season!

~Our Bayless Best Hits Holiday Gift Guide has been updated~ We are now working with our friends at Masienda to bring you some of the very best Mexican cookware, amongst other incredible treats. Check out our official gift guide here!

Looking for some other gifting options? Chef Rick has selected some of his favorite Amazon-available kitchen tools below, so check out the list to see what your favorite home cook needs:

Lodge 12’’ Cast Iron Skillet:
Whenever I speak with new chefs or home cooks, I’m always encouraging them to be brave and cook with a higher heat. But you can’t do that unless you have a pan (and stovetop) that can provide that heat! This Lodge cast iron is a mainstay in my kitchen for its heat retention, overall durability, and flexibility — I simply use it all the time.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Fry Pan:
All-clad is another one of my favorite brands, and if you’re looking for a skillet, there’s is the best. When cast iron doesn’t make sense, this is the second pan that I’m reaching for. The stainless steel can take a lot of heat, which I often need when frying blended chiles or searing vegetables.

Nordic Ware Baking Sheet:
Whether for kitchen organization or baking, every home cook needs a set of good rimmed baking sheets. I recommend the half sheets, but having an array of these will ensure you won’t run into trouble baking cookies this holiday season.

Lodge Cast-Iron Combo Cooker:
What can I say? I love the Lodge products. When I first bought their combo cooker it was actually referred to as a chicken fryer, and I have used it many times for just that. But now with the proliferation of bread baking, this combo cooker is best known for being a great dutch oven replacement when baking fresh bread! Needless to say, I use it both for bread AND for deep frying, and I have never been disappointed.

Oxo Digital Scale:
For an exacting cook or, more importantly, the aspiring baker, a good kitchen scale is a must. If you want to buy one nice scale, this is the one I would recommend.

Lodge Cast-Iron Griddle:
Lodge again! You will see me using a griddle all over my YouTube channel, whether we are cooking tomatillos, carmelizing onions, or, most importantly, baking tortillas. Having a large griddle that can hold heat is important, and this Lodge Cast-Iron griddle is what I prefer whenever I’m away from my home griddle. From toasting chiles to chopping cheese steak, I would trust this griddle.

That’s all for now! Look out for more on our social channels, and we hope you have a very happy holidays!

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