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Xoco’s Real Deal Tacos Al Pastor

That chill in the air…the whiff of smoke…it can only mean one thing: it’s Tacos Al Pastor season at Xoco! Every Wednesday night starting at 5PM, at Xoco River North AND Xoco Wicker Park, our chefs layer sustainably raised, red chile-marinated pork on a spit, building a trompo, that turns in front of charcoal-fire.  The trompo’s funnel shape means the outer edges are first to caramelize and be carved off, and served with bits of charcoal-roasted pineapple, and tomatillo-avocado salsa, over handmade tortillas.  Xoco is one of the only restaurants in the city doing authentic tacos al pastor:  for the chefs, it’s a labor of love.  For everybody else, it’s just plain love. We hope to see you there.


  1. I’m a So-Cal kid born and raised currently living in Texas and trust me “Tex-Mex” isn’t what I’d call Mexican food! However I’ll be relocating to Chicago soon and I’ll admit that my expectations of Mr.Bayless restaurants are very high, now i don’t know much about fancy cuisine but i do know the text and measuring stick of a Great Taqueria is the Al Pastor !!!!! So to the good people at any of Rick’s restaurants i hope your up to the challenge.

  2. I had your Tacos Al Pastor at Xoco River North last year and I still cannot forget the taste. It was just out of the world. I miss that yummy taste till today, but my love for Tacos Al Pastor forced me to buy my own Shawarma machine from Spinning Grillers and I’ve tried many different recipes of Tacos Al Pastor, but still it’ll take me time to match your taste.

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