notes from the mexican kitchen

Xoco’s new menu is overflowing with spring

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Chipotle Catfish Torta Crispy farmed catfish, red cabbage & watercress slaw, creamy chipotle dressing, cilantro.
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Woodland Mushroom Caldo Porcini-serrano broth, toasty fideos, oyster mushroom “chicharrón,” green beans.
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Spring Salad Grilled local asparagus, crispy goat cheese canicas, romaine, pea shoots,
caramelized onion-sherry vinaigrette.

There’s so much spring in Xoco’s new menu. Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the caldo: a lemongrass broth with woodland mushrooms and oyster mushroom chicharron (what, you thought only pig skin could fry?) Even springier: the salad, with purple asparagus, pea shoots and special fried balls of our housemade queso fresco. Finally, there’s the new torta, a fried piece of sustainable catfish topped with a purple watercress slaw. (It’s the watercress that makes it springy, but also the fish—who wants a heavy piece of meat in the spring?) Get it before it goes (aka May 7th)!


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