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Topolo’s Newest Menu: “Delicious Diversity” Treasures from Six Unexpected Mexican Destinations

We travel far and wide through Mexico’s diverse countryside to acquaint ourselves with incredible flavors, to bring those flavors home to Topolobampo. For this menu, we’re celebrating the specialties of lesser-known destinations.  

  • Manzanilla in the tiny West Coast state of Colima is a destination for smoked tuna and marlin and for seafood cocktails and aguachiles.  
  • People flock to the market in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, for chileatole featuring the beautifully herby fresh anise. 
  • In Valladolid, out in the Yucatan, halfway between Cancun and Mérida, they make “pibil” dishes from classic pork and chicken to vegetables—all cooked slowly with achiote in banana leaves. 
  • Zacatecas, at the gateway to deserty northern Mexico, is known for classic goat birria served with salsa verde, pickled chiles and bayo beans.
  • Along the steamy lowlands of Tabasco, where Mexico narrows before rising to the impenetrable mountains that separate mainland from Yucatan, some of the best cacao in the world is raised. 
  • In Celaya, Guanajuato, the abundant local goats milk is transformed into Mexico’s most famous caramely cajeta.  

These are the treasures that await you at our newest tasting menu experience. 


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