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Topolo’s New Tasting Menu: Hidden Flavors

What? No dairy or pork on this menu? No lime, cilantro, wheat flour or sugar?

Before Spaniards arrived, the glorious cuisine of the Aztecs celebrated a host of ingredients different from those of the conquering Europeans.

So! We lay before you a banquet of native New World flavors: from tomatoes, chiles, corn, beans, squash & chocolate (ingredients now beloved the world over) to avocados, tomatillos, peanuts, pineapple & vanilla.

Woven together with Mexico’s wild game and abundant seafood, a true feast awaits.

¡Buen Provecho!

VENISON CARPACCIO: Thin-sliced, jalapeño-cured venison, pineapple two ways (charred, infused with hoja santa), creamy avocado, garlic chive sunflower oil, crisp tlayuda.

TAMAL COLADO: Polenta-style tamal with duck egg, black beans & amaranth, sauce of heirloom beans & guajillo chiles, charred tatume squash, ramps, herby epazote.

QUAIL, GUASMOLE: Pulque-glazed semi-boneless quail stuffed with huitlacoche & nettles, guasmole (toasted guaje seeds, tomatillo, culantro, green chile), fresh morel and lion’s mane mushrooms, wild onion & its flowers.

SCALLOP, OCTOPUS, ANCIENT TINTA SAUCE: Grilled octopus and seared scallops, sauce of tomato, rich stock, squid ink and four chiles (ancho, pasilla, arbol, morita), wild rice, charred tomato.

PEANUT CAKE, SWEET CORN CREAM: Cake of peanut flour, duck eggs, agave syrup, “creamy” sauce of nixtamalized corn, honey-preserved papaya, blueberries, honey alegría.

CHOCOLATE CAKE, ICE CREAM: Chocolate cake (house-ground chocolate, masa harina, chia, agave syrup), velvety guanabana sorbet, prickly pear-chirimoya sauce, agave-glazed pecans, masa tuile.

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