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Topolo’s New Menu: “Puebla of the Angels”

We are beyond proud to announce our new tasting menu at Topolobampo, “Puebla of the Angels.”

When the Spaniards settled the city of Puebla in 1531 in an unoccupied valley some 80 miles east of Mexico City, it was to create a secure spot for these conquistadores as they went back and forth from the capital to the port of Veracruz. 

Little did those founders know that this bastion of Spanish colonialism would prove to be the wellspring of mestisaje, the blending of native and Spanish traditions. 

Puebla’s Chapel of Rosary is the country’s best example of unique Mexican baroque. Uriarte and others still produce the distinctive Mexican Talavera pottery.  And in the convents of Puebla, Spanish nuns cooked alongside native novitiates, producing such wonders as the internationally famous mole poblano (believed to have been created at Puebla’s Santa Rosa convent) and chiles en nogada (poblano chile stuffed with fruity pork picadillo, blanketed with creamy fresh walnut sauce).  

When waves of immigrants came from Lebanon at the end of the 1800s, Pueblan cooks fashioned tacos árabes, which later morphed into tacos al pastor.  

Native cooks introduced the Spanish to corn, pumpkinseeds, squash and huitlacoche.  Spanish cooks used them to craft elegant soups and sauces.

Welcome to a taste of Pueblan spirit!

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