Topolobampo’s Mole Flight

In my opinion, these 3 hand-crafted moles are the crowning jewels of the Mexican kitchen. Each weaves together a unique, complex symphony of flavors (chiles, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices) that is days in the making. At a holiday table, they can offer brilliance to something dramatic, something roasted. For an intimate dinner, warm one to be the star of the show. I love the green pumpkinseed mole with fish or chicken (grilled salmon or shrimp is spectacular).  The classic mole poblano is amazing with slow-roasted pork or grilled quail or duck breast.  And, though Oaxacan black mole can enhance anything from grilled eggplant to sautéed chicken breast, my favorite is our signature at Topolobampo:  grilled beef ribeye with Oaxacan black mole. Be inventive, be courageous!