notes from the mexican kitchen

Topolo brings it for late summer

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FRESH: Summer Tomatoes, Yucatecan Flavors Leaning Shed Farm baby tomato salad, modern sikil pak, clay-baked tropea onions, habanero-lime dressing
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ANCIENT:Joel's Shrimp Caldo Mexican shrimp, xoconostle caldo (arbol & serrano chiles, tomatillo, cilantro, sour prickly pear), local sweet corn, Italian cucumber, nasturtium
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SOULFUL: Black Cod, Yellow Mole Smoked Alaskan black cod, savory yellow mole,
roasted Gunthorp slab bacon, braised baby fennel, charred eggplant-corn purée
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BOLD: Lamb Loin, Green Pipian Grill-roasted Gunthorp lamb loin, herby macadamia
green pipian,tepary beans,grilled escarole with Kaskaskia cheese
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LUXURIOUS: Cacao Tree Moist chocolate cake, Rosita de Cacao ice cream with Chiapas chocolate chunks, cacao fruit mousse, caramelized cocoa nibs

Check this: Late summer eats are everywhere in Topolo’s newest dishes. We’ve got baby tomatoes paired with creamy sikil pak (it’s sort of like hummus—you’ll love it). There’s sweet corn paired with Italian cucumbers and prawns. There’s eggplant and baby fennel (and more corn!) in our black cod dish. And we’ve got chocolate. Because chocolate is so good it’s seasonless. So…see you before autumn hits, right?


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