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The Top 10 Rick Bayless Recipes, New Newsletter & More!


Beginning early next year, we’re morphing our weekly newsletter into something we think you’re going to love. Prepare yourselves for the launching of the Taco Tuesday Times, coming to your inbox after the first of the year.  

Yes, we’re promising you 52 taco recipes in one year, and they’ll be delivered to you every Tuesday, without fail. You’ll have traditional tacos and trendy tacos. Seafood tacos and vegetarian tacos. Slow-cooker tacos and quick skillet versions. Spicy tacos. Mild tacos. Tacos that leave you with a little warm glow. And you can take our word: they’ll all be delicious tacos.

Exciting as it is to look forward, I find it equally rewarding to look back.

As I reflect on the past year, something that brings me sincere joy is the enthusiasm that you bring into our culinary world, especially on my website and social media channels.

We’ve had nearly 6 million page views (!) this year on, and hundreds of thousands of new followers to my social media channels, with plenty of you sharing your improvisations and suggestions, asking questions or simply saying thanks. (We answer those comments as quickly as possible, so keep them coming!)

It’s in that spirit of culinary community that I’d like to share my most popular recipes of 2015. But these aren’t my picks; they’re yours (based on our stats):

(Me? I’d probably pick Chocoflan as my number one.)

We have some amazing things planned for the upcoming year— our new Chicago microbrewery and adjacent restaurant, a new YouTube series, a new season of Mexico One Plate at a Time —and I’ll keep you posted on all of them.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a 2016 filled with food, family and friends.

Buen Provecho!!


    1. Great Marianne –
      You can sign up on our website! Just scroll all the way down and enter your email on the bottom right of the page!

    1. The first edition of Taco Tuesday will be released Tuesday, Jan. 12. Stay tuned to your inbox. Hope you’re hungry.

  1. Rick, I’m shocked that Encamaronadas (Cheesy Shrimp Tacos) didn’t come out as NO 1 on your top 10. I make batches of about 4lbs of shrimp at a time and freeze in 2 cup portions so it’s always available with no notice. I not only make encamaronadas, I also use the stuffing for chiles rellenos (not battered and fried and MY personal favorite use of this shrimp), quesadillas, jalapeño poppers (run the filling through a few pulses of a food processors to be able to get stuffing in the jalapeño then wrapped with bacon), Mexican eggrolls (I add black beans and roasted corn), and fuffy tacos (tacos that originated in San Antonio). And I’ve gotten all of my family making this too and they too say that it’s one of their most requested dishes to make. YOU are my favorite chef! I have all your cookbooks and would just love to add to my bookshelf a book with just your Taco Tuesday recipes. Any plans for that?

  2. I’m trying to find the recipe for grilled spicy pork dish.
    With lemon/ Orange juice, cabbage, tomatoes, avocados and you cook it on the grill.

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