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Season 12 of Rick’s TV Show is About to Begin!

The wait is over!

Season 12 of “Mexico: One Plate at a Time” is starting to air on public television stations across America. Find your station here and check back at the official Season 12 page for episode streaming (coming soon)!

This season, Rick Bayless returns to bustling Mexico City for an exploration of the country’s most classic dishes. These are the dishes Rick’s social media followers asked to know. (If you’re here and reading this, chances are you’d love our Facebook fan group that inspired us this season. Join us for great cooking tips, weeknight dinner ideas and some brag-worthy food photos!)

Season 12 is a deep, delicious dive into the essential dishes of Mexico: soul-satisfying pozoles, mouthwatering tacos al pastor sliced right from the trompo, beautifully balanced ceviches, street-style tamales and big festive mole feasts. Our recipe page has it all.

We’re calling this season “Bayless’ Best Ever” and there’s good reason for that.

Ever the teacher, Rick takes us into the market stalls, street vendors and restaurants — both rustic and refined — for lessons in the essential ingredients before returning to his Mexico City apartment to prepare his “best-ever” versions of Mexico’s classics.

Back home in Chicago, Rick puts a contemporary, and sometimes unexpected, spin on the Mexican favorites.

We’ve been working hard to bring you our best season yet! Provecho!


  1. Hey Rick;
    I was excited to learn how to make crema but realized it was similar to the creme fraiche
    recipe Julia Child taught us many years ago. So I presume I can substitute.
    Like the new show & Mexico City has changed considerably since I was there a lifetime

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