notes from the mexican kitchen

Rick’s Backyard LIVE! Sept. 2

8/25 UPDATE: Sold out!

We have the amazing opportunity to host a small handful of you in our backyard (coming up next week!) for a night of global music, cocktails & snacks.  

Though the event will be streamed to folks all over the world, we are setting up socially distanced tables for about 20 lucky people to hear this concert live in the lush backyard Bayless Garden.

We’ll offer you a couple of margaritas & snacks while you take an amazing musical trek to India, Mexico, Morocco & Spain.  

Proceeds benefit Surabhi Ensemble and the Illinois Arts Council Agency’s Emergency Relief Fund. 

Music featuring some of Chicago’s most talented artists: Carlo Basile (you saw him with me in Cascabel at Lookingglass & Goodman), Ronnie Malley, Bob Garrett, Kinnari Vora, Saraswathi Ranganathan, Juan Dies, Loren Iñiguez & Goran Ivanovic.

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