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13 Guacamoles That Don’t Involve Peas

Frontera has been bombarded with inquiries in the wake of peagate.

What’s #peagate? Referencing a recipe adapted from New York City’s ABC Cocina restaurant, the New York Times tweeted out a link imploring cooks to add peas to guacamole, appending a supremely confident “trust us” to its message.

Twitter lost its avocados. The backlash has been swift and relentless. Many labeled the recipe as heresy. Even President Barack Obama weighed in. Seriously.

The question naturally made its way to Clark Streets here in Chicago, and it seems everyone wants Rick to weigh in. So here goes: he’s into it.

“While it’s true guacamole in many parts of Mexico is little more than mashed avocado with salt, and maybe a squeeze of lime or a hint of garlic or fleck of cilantro, it’s also true avocados are incredibly welcoming to other flavors,” he said.

“Here at Frontera and Topolobampo, we’ve been making guacamole from seasonal local farmers’ markets ingredients for nearly three decades.

“And hold on to your molcajetes, we’ve been known to add — gasp! — grilled ramps and garlic chives, roasted tomatillos, crispy bacon, strawberries, sesame seeds, blackberries, corn, watermelon, tequila, ginger, pickled cauliflower, roasted fennel, grapefruit, apples, almonds, chicharrónes, brown butter, porcini mushrooms and even crab,” he said.

So with respect to all the haters, we say this: keep guacamole as simple as you’d like, but also keep an open mind because you might be missing out.

Here now are 13 great guacamole recipes. We’ve made sure to include a classic version just for you, Mr. President.


  1. thank you for the outstanding recipes you post. your work inspires me to explore and savor the extraordinary depth and flavor of Mexican cuisine. you make everything look so easy that even a novice like me can pull off most of these recipes. thanks again for sharing you vast knowledge and experience with us.

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