Private Dining & Catering

There are three options for private dining at Frontera and Topolobampo: The intimate Library Room (for a candlelit Topolo experience), the festive Morales Room (for a lively Frontera experience) and, finally, your  room—or whatever room it is you’d like us to set up our catering operation. For more information and reservations, contact Dana Armon at or 312.334.3662. 

The Library Room

Escape into our private quarters, a room lined with over 2000 of Rick’s personal cookbooks, where you’ll be pampered by your own personal chef for the entire night. Relax and watch as your multi-course Topolobampo meal is prepared for you in the adjacent, newly-renovated test kitchen. We’ll bring the wine.

• 5-course Topolobampo Tasting Menus
• For parties as small as 8 and as big as 25
• Wine pairings from sommelier Jill Gubesch
• Each party begins with guacamole and other snacks
• Add hand-shaken margaritas, presented as you enter the room

The Morales Room

Let’s say you want all the energy and life of Frontera Grill, but you want it for, oh, 40 people. We’ve got a room for that. The Morales Room is filled with the art of namesake Mexican artist Rodolfo Morales, and is a space that’s flexible enough to handle any occasion: business meetings, cocktail receptions, festive dinners—or, sometimes, all three.

• Frontera, Topolobampo & cocktail party menus
• For parties of up to 40 (60 for standing receptions)
• Wine pairings from sommelier Jill Gubesch
• Every party starts with guacamole, salsas & snacks


We’re perfectionists about every part of our business. What does that mean for catering?
It means we’ll never stuff a dozen enchiladas into a tinfoil tray and send you on your way. Instead, we send a team of chefs to your venue and cook everything on the spot.
Want help with decorations? Need to book a mariachi band? We’ve got that covered, too. Just tell Dana Armon.

Our Team


If there’s one thing Dana Armon loves more than going to parties, it’s planning parties. Together with our Private Events Culinary Team, she’ll seamlessly create your perfect event in the The Library—Rick’s private test kitchen that contains his personal cookbook collection—or the Morales Room, filled with art work from Mexican master Rodolfo Morales. Looking to bring the fiesta home? She can help with that, too.


Hospitality is Ray’s jam. He’s been at it for 30 years now, first in the corporate training realm and, since 2010, with Frontera. You’ll often find Ray greeting party guests with a friendly smile, a tour of the Library and a well-mixed cocktail. “Personally, there’s an element of gratification in hospitality — my role allows me to go home with a smile on my face knowing that I’ve made other people happy.” 


Rishi’s journey to the Library at Topolobampo begins in Singapore, where a night out eating Mexican food was indeed a rare treat. Those new flavors were enough to spark his culinary curiosity, and he set off to work in high-end kitchens in the south of France and his native Singapore. After graduating from the CIA Singapore and interning at Frontera, he now leads our private events team, dazzling party guests with his ever-changing menus.