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Cilantro-Green Chile “Chimichurri”

Adobo Verde

This is something I nearly always have in my refrigerator.  Add it to scrambled eggs, toss it in a salad dressing, enhance grilled bread with fresh height-of-season tomatoes and a thick smear. The herbs can be interchangeable-- think about substituting some mint, green garlic, basil, hoja santa, anything you like.

For the restaurants, we add a little lime juice and make a simple green ceviche with firm white fish.  This is a perfect summer recipe, in my book.

Servings: 1 scant cup


  • 1/2 head garlic, cloves broken apart
  • 2 to 3serrano chiles
  • 1medium bunch cilantro, thick bottom stems cut off
  • 1small bunch flat leaf parsley, thick bottom stems cut off
  • 1/2cup olive oil
  • Salt


Set a dry skillet over medium heat. Lay in the unpeeled garlic cloves and chiles. Roast, turning frequently, until soft and blotchy brown in spots, about 10 minutes for the chiles and 15 minutes for the garlic. Cool until handleable, then slip the skins off the garlic, pull stems off the chiles and roughly chop (no need to remove the seeds). Place in a food processor along with the cilantro (about 1 cup if packed), parsley (about 1 cup if packed), oil and 2 generous teaspoons salt. Process until nearly smooth (it will be pasty). Scrape into a storage container and refrigerate until serving time.

*If you plan on saving, cover the top with a thin layer of olive oil.


    1. Hello!

      My question lay with the olive oil in preservation. What if I choose to keep it in the refrigerator covered with a layer of corn oil as opposed to olive oil? I prefer corn oil in my Mexican cooking. Thanks!


      1. Either would work, but olive oil is a conscious choice because the flavor of the oil use use really affects the flavor of the Pesto.

  1. I just saw your TV show (6/13/15) in wich you prepared two sauces, one red and one green to put of farm raised trout. Would like to have recipes for each. Thanking you in advance.

  2. The last time I was in Mexico I found it quite difficult to find restaurants servicing authentic fare. Instead it was geared to the American tourist. Very sad experience. Would love to go back with some ideas from you..

  3. We LOVE this sturdy sauce, which we first found in Rick’s book, More Mexican Everyday. It is incredibly versatile, lasts a long time in the fridge, and makes basil pesto seem pale in comparison.

    Our favorite summer uses: make a simple egg salad with some sweet onion diced fine, add mayonnaise, then a spoonful or so of this green sauce. We eat it on GF Nut Thins (the pecan variety). Incredibly refreshing! It’s also delicious added as a flavoring to cooked penne noodles (we use rice noodles), or with mozzarella & tomato for a Mexican Caprese salad.

  4. Just caught the end of an episode making a garlic aoli that contained horse radish, I think to be served with fish. Any idea what it was called?

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