notes from the mexican kitchen

Presenting the 2017 “Art Menu”at Topolobampo

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That Misunderstanding Smoky tomato cocktail with mezcal. Tender octopus, king crab, shrimp, cucumber
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Surprise Package Tortilla pillow, spring vegetables, roasted poblano-ramp crema, farm egg
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Bliss of the Inner Fire Slow-cooked Atlantic tilefish, salsa macha (pasilla chile, pine nuts, Baja olive oil, Szechuan peppercorn) caramelized onion with black pepper, local morel mushrooms
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Unimagined Memories Braised short rib, time-honored red chile sauce, potato (sweet, white). Enchilada or creamy rice, depending on your upbringing
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The Odyssey Squab three ways, Oaxacan black mole, seared foie gras. (Beans, nettles, plantains, almonds.)
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Unexpected Prizes Ice cream, chocolate, spiced chocolate peanut butter cream
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Starburst Pistachio, guava, lemon, chocolate, cherry, kafir lime, prickly pear. And whipped cream on top of the tart

I think we can all agree: Food can make us feel good. It can make us feel comforted, too. Or nostalgic. Or giddy with pleasure and desire. Or even a little uncertain. Sometimes I feel surprised, even shocked, by what I taste. Art can evoke feelings, too, of course, whether it’s in the form of a novel, a movie, a song or a painting.

Tonight, I and the Topolo chefs invite you to taste the dishes we’ve created to evoke familiar feelings — betrayal, anticipation, euphoria, triumph, wonder, exuberance. Then reflect on paintings and lithographs we’ve chosen from our highly lauded collection of Mexican masters. We think you’ll be pleased with the resonance.


  1. Just watched your show. You said you wanted our feedback. Here it is: I think your show is great, the food always looks amazing but please! Who cuts your hair? What are we, 12? You have a great face, a fabulous head of hair! Get a new doo! Get something cool! Trust me, you can pull it off!!

  2. I love how you talk about how certain foods change your moods and your desires. When you have certain foods what do you feel? Sometimes when I eat food depending on if it is good I feel greta and I have a great night, but if it was bad then I complain and the people around me don’t like me. Thanks for bringing thins up, becasue it really dose affect your emotions.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Not sure which painting you’re referring to, but I can tell you it’s one of a kind. If you give me more details, I’m happy to let you know more about the artist.


  3. I’d like to make a reservation for the 2nd half of August. Having trouble finding where to call, click, etc. My husband & I loved Frontera Grill, he buys your seasoning packets, and we’ve been meaning to enjoy more of your restaurants. I watch you on TV, but I’d love to surprise him for his birthday, 8/26, this year. Shoot – now I see a little sign for reservations.

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