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Prepare Your Next Fiesta with Rick Bayless Cookware


A lot of you have asked me for years about where you can get a great comal (flat griddle) or a really useable molcajetes (mortar) or the right pot to cook mole in or steam tamales.

Today, I have your answer … and getting it into your kitchen is just a click away.

Today, I get to tell you about my brand new “Mexican Kitchen” line of cookware, serveware and kitchen tools that I designed with the folks at Gorham.

It’s just a small line of what are essentials in my kitchen.  Things like enameled cast iron Dutch oven (the kind of pot I like for making moles, tomatillo braises, barbacoa and carnitas), beautiful plates and serving dishes that have a kind of rustic charm that I think goes with any delicious creation, a traditional basalt I for making salsa or grinding spices, a classic Mexican citrus squeezer, a huge non-stick skillet—you get the idea. I especially love this handsome, rugged ceramic bean pot.

It was really important to me that every item in the collection strike the right balance between durability and affordability, that every piece would make a great addition to any kitchen.

On the shopping section of our website you can see the roster of products, with more to be added as they become available.


  1. But not the one piece of equipment I’d really love to have…the chile roaster Rick uses. Any chance that might be available?

  2. I’m excited to see your new kitchen supply line, will you have the chile roaster I’ve seen you use on your show? Would love to buy one of those : )

  3. I, like Suzanne & Gloria, would like to know where to get the chile roaster you have. It is showed on the episode “Mexico: One Plate at a Time Tacos Hola! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) We find Rick and his daughter, Lanie, at the Mexico City’s colorful Sonora Market, an emporium of medicinal herbs and the best place in town to buy cazuelas.”

    It is shown on Chef Bayless stovetop when making the creamy chicken with chard.

    Help us all!

  4. Add me to the very long list of people who would love to have your stovetop chili roaster. PLEASE bring it back! I have looked for it everywhere.

  5. I finally found an authentic basalt molcajete at a tiny Hispanic food store in a strip mall in Tupelo, Mississippi, of all places, and I use my husband’s Cajun great grandmother’s cast iron griddle as my comal. It’s perfect! We love Rick’s shows and recipes. In fact, on this stormy Saturday, I’m going to make Rick’s pork tamales from scratch. Yummy!

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