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‘More Mexican Everyday’ On Sale Now!

More Mexican Everyday_9780393081145HUGE news here at Frontera.

The moment has finally arrived. “More Mexican Everyday: Simple, Seasonal, Celebratory,” the ninth cookbook from Chef Rick Bayless, is available in stores nationwide.

The book is all about inspiring you fans of the kitchen to more freely cook for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than frantically checking (and re-checking) a recipe.

“This is home cooking at the next level up. This is the type of cooking I do when I have these ingredients,” Bayless said.

You’ll find chapters on go-to recipes to know by heart,  slow cookers, how-to’s on using salsas and adobo to speed up weeknight cooking and expert guidance on substitutes and variations.

And there are vegetables. Tons of vegetables. Three dozen vegetable recipes detailed in brilliant, vivid color. Vegetable recipes that will animate every visit to your farmers’ market or grocery store.

(Don’t worry — there are plenty of desserts too.)

We’re incredibly proud of the latest book, and we again hope it helps bring your family and friends to the table.

The book can be all yours for $35 by placing an order at this website, visiting your favorite local bookstore or online retailer, or stopping into Frontera Grill.


  1. I watch mexico one plate at a time, i made chiliquiles, from an episde i watched they came out beautifully, thanks rick, i travel to mexico alot, carnitas, i wanna learn, plus, i was with a mexican family in quanajuato mexico, they made cubed beef covered with a black mole sauce, very delicious, cant duplicate it, would like advice from rick, thank u.

  2. Hi My family and I (some vegetarians) are big fans of Mexican cooking-Rick is my go to guy for recipes and on-line help. I also keep a couple of his cookbooks on hand for inspiration. I met Rick at an appliance/cooking event in Norwalk, Conn.-and I was impressed with his friendly and genuine nature. Its more fun cooking (and borrowing someone’s expertise) when you feel comfortable doing so. I live too far from his restaurants, but at least between One Plate At A Time, and his resource material, I can at least come close to a Frontera experience! Thanx for the wonderful meals we’ve created with your “virtual” assistance.

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