Our Suppliers

We believe that a restaurant community’s vitality is entirely dependent upon having fresh local produce.  Restaurants and other business joining in partnership with small, sustainable farms increases local crop diversity, stabilizes farm communities, and prevents the economic, ecological and demographic decline caused by industrialized, mechanized farming.

We are proud to say we work with the following suppliers:


A fourth-generation hog farm, Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Ind. one of the nation’s only small pork and poultry farms to raise animals on pasture and operate a USDA-inspected on-farm processing plant. The partnership between Chef Rick Bayless and farmer Greg Gunthorp dates back decades, and is widely hailed as a sustainable model for the farm-restaurant supply chain. Our other responsibly raised meat suppliers include:

  • D & S Meats
  • Chicago Game & Gourmet Company
  • Artisan Specialty Foods
  • D’Artagnan, LLC
  • Neesvig’s Inc

A longtime farming partner, Nichols Farm & Orchard grows 1,000 different fruits and vegetables on the Nichols’ family’s 300-acre farm in Marengo, Ill. The farm includes a distribution center with winter greenhouses, the entire facility powered by geothermal and solar energy. Other produce and grocery sources include:

  • Francisco’s Produce Corp
  • Chicago Local Foods, LLC
  • Tortilleria
  • La Fournette, LLC
  • Artisan Specialty Foods
  • Three Sisters Garden
  • Down at the Farms
  • Snug Haven
  • Mushroom Mike, LLC
  • Tekla
  • Atlantic Cocoa Company
  • Chef’s Warehouse Midwest, LLC

Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell at downstate Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery have been longtime suppliers of their top-quality farmstead goat cheeses, made right there on their Champaign, Ill. farm (where they also host incredible farm dinners). Here’s a look at our other dairy suppliers:

  • Kalona SuperNatural
  • Little Farm on the Prairie
  • Meadow Valley Farm Cheese
  • Kilgus Dairy
  • Service Dairy

From the sea to our tables. We salute the fishermen and fishmongers who work to bring our guests amazingly fresh and sustainability harvested seafood. They include:

  • Seafood Merchants
  • Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co.
  • Triar
  • Regalis Chicago, LLC
  • TriMark
  • Fortune Fish & Gourmet

We work with the finest winemakers, distillers and brewers we know. But the work doesn’t end in the vineyards and breweries. We rely on an expansive network of distributors and suppliers to bring our favorite products into the restaurants.

  • Breakthru Beverage Illinois, LLC
  • Heritage Wine Cellars
  • Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, LLC
  • Momentum Beverage Team
  • Tenzing Wine & Spirits Co.
  • Chicagoland Beverage
  • Chicago Beverage Systems
  • Maverick Wine Co.
  • Winebow
  • Bodin Street Wines & Spirits, LLC
  • Connoisseur Wines
  • Cream Wine Co.
  • Windy City Distribution Company
  • H2Vino
  • Hobert Houde Wines LLC
  • Louis Glunz
  • BC Merchants
  • Stellar Beverage, LLC
  • T. Elenteny Imports
  • Pure Wine