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#MoreBayless Contest Winners: Round 1

We asked for your photos of my Enchiladas Verdes, a recipe from my new cookbook, “More Mexican Everyday.” (You can pre-order it here :))

You answered with an avalanche of truly great food photos, many of them celebrating your own special twists on the dish.

Over the past week, you packed the #MoreBayless hashtag with vivid pics of your enchiladas filled and topped with all sorts of things — from carnitas and smoked pulled pork to roasted chicken and all manner of vegetables.  Some incredibly mouthwatering stuff here.

And that’s not even nodding toward the roasted tomatillo sauce (with its soulful, tangy complexity) or the crema or queso.

It’s a wonder you managed to pause long enough to snap a pic before diving in.

Here’s a look at the winners of Round 1; the #MoreBayless recipe for Round 2 will be announced Friday.


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