notes from the mexican kitchen

Introducing Farmers Market Mexican, our new web series!

Today we’re psyched to release the first four episodes of our new web series, Farmers Market Mexican. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this series is all about cooking in the moment, with foods from local farmers, and through a Mexican lens.

We’ll be releasing these throughout the summer and fall. But for now, we’re focused on spring. In these first episodes, Rick tackles:

That should give you enough to cook for a while, right? To binge on all four episodes right now, head to  Rick’s YouTube Channel.


  1. Very nice presentation- a nice complement to the MOPAT. I like the low-key approach!

    ¡Show us more!
    – David Vos

  2. I enjoy watching Rick Bayless, I always learn something New. He is very informative, & his easy to do tip’s are alway’s easy to follow. I just wish we had Rick, here in Viera, Melbourne. 🙁

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