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Escape to Topolobampo’s Winter Beach Vacation

Winter is coming. Let’s get out of here.

Escape to Topolobampo, where our chefs have planned the perfect getaway from the blustery cold. The new “Winter Beach Vacation” tasting menu whisks you away to our favorite Mexican beach towns, each of the seven courses capturing the sun, spirit and soul of Mexico.

Your travel package includes exquisitely matched wines by newly minted “Best Sommelier” Jill Gubesch and perfect agave pairings by Spirits Director Lanie Bayless.

Yellowtail Aguachile | Baja hiramasa yellowtail, Baja uni, spicy Beck Grove citrus, avocado, pitahaya (dragon fruit), cucumber, finger lime
Mussels, Bacon, Green Mole | Ensenada mussels, Gunthorp bacon, corn masa “noodles,” calabacitas, oyster-infused Oaxacan green mole (tomatillo, serrano chile, corn masa, 4 herbs)
Tongue Taco | Fresh-made blue corn tortilla, tongue two ways (crispy, cured), black olive-pasilla compote, foie gras crema, añejo cheese
Lobster, Chipotles | Grilled Maine lobster, enchipotlada salsa (chipotle chiles, piloncillo, roasted garlic), winter spinach with sesame & morita chiles, bone marrow-roasted potatoes
Scallop, Traditional Black Recado | Seared Hudson Canyon sea scallop, delicata squash stuffed with scallop “relleno negro,” sauce of recardo negro seasoning paste (charred chiles, garlic, spices, tomato, black beans), charred lima beans, black mint
Tascalate | Tascalate sorbet (cacao, achiote, toasted tortilla, milk), candied cacao nibs and torched corn masa tuile, achiote gelatinas
Tamarind, Chocolate | Tamarind-date cake, chocolate-tamarind ganache, guava sorbet, mamey panna cotta, caramelized pineapple, chocolate pozol

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