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Cook #MoreBayless, Win an Autographed Cookbook


One of great joys of my life is seeing the pics my Twitter followers post after they’ve cooked something from one of my books of TV shows.

There are hundreds of examples: carnitas, grilled lamb chops, crema de elote, chocolate souflee and so many more.

All of that got me thinking: I’d like to see what you’ll do with the recipes from my latest cookbook, “More Mexican Everyday,” which comes out later this month. (Shameless plug: You can pre-order here)

Once a week for the next four weeks,  I’ll post a recipe on our blog and, if it appeals, I’ll ask you to make, photograph and post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MoreBayless. I’ll reward the top 5 pics each week with a signed copy of “More Mexican Everyday!”  Not too bad a deal, seeing how all that’s required is for you to make dinner and have a smart phone.

True to the spirit of the book, I’m selecting the book’s most deliciously simple dishes, not elaborate feasts.  And all the winning photos will be featured on my website, along with a special shout-out.


Here’s the first recipe, a Roasted Tomatillo Enchiladas dish you should know by heart.

The deadline to submit a photo in this first round is Tuesday, April 7 at midnight.


  1. Love, Love Rick, and RED “O”… Bought 4 cookbooks last year for Christmas Gifts. AMAZING. GIFTS..

  2. Do we cook our own interpretation of your recipe or make it exactly like your recipe? Also, should the dish look similar or our own interpretation?

    1. Hi Mink,

      We’d like to see you cook the recipe as-is, mostly because it’s a good way to show off the new “More Mexican Everyday” cookbook, which is all about simplicity.

      As for the photos, feel free to get creative.

  3. Hi,

    After looking at a couple of different postings about the contest, I can’t tell whether we need to post on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram. I don’t have accounts on all three of those social media platforms, will just one or two be sufficient to enter the contest?

    1. Hi Marie,

      You can post your photo to just one of the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and we’ll find it. But please make sure to use the #MoreBayless hashtag, otherwise we won’t be able to find it! Good luck! — Casey C., media director at Frontera

  4. New to using hash tags. Would you please confirm you are able to see my Enchiladas Verde poicture post on my FB page? Used the Barbacoa sauce pouch….absolutely delicious!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      It looks like your tweets are set to “Protected,” which means we can’t see them. You’ll have to tweak your privacy settings to make your tweets public. Please let us know if you have more trouble.

  5. Is Rick signing the pre ordered books? Also, for the book signing at the VIBE event will he sign the books there? or is it only so many people, like first come?Thanks!!!

    1. Hello Johany,
      Only cookbooks purchased from the restaurants will be signed, and Rick WILL be doing a book signing at Vibe Up!

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