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A Remedy for Post-New Year’s Revelry

Call it a hunch, but something tells me you’re going to need a jump start when you wake up tomorrow, whether it’s early in the morning or the afternoon. (I won’t judge.) Something also tells me you won’t want to think too much about cooking. So let’s keep it simple and traditional with tomatillo-sauced chilaquiles, […]

The Top 10 Rick Bayless Recipes, New Newsletter & More!

Beginning early next year, we’re morphing our weekly newsletter into something we think you’re going to love. Prepare yourselves for the launching of the Taco Tuesday Times, coming to your inbox after the first of the year.   Yes, we’re promising you 52 taco recipes in one year, and they’ll be delivered to you every […]

This is Not an All-Day Mole (Seriously)

OK, so you probably know that moles are the famous, time-consuming, special-occasion dishes that Mexicans make from a huge grocery list of ingredients. But this mole—one of the classic seven moles of Oaxaca—is the everyday mole, put together in a matter of minutes. It offers a satisfying, spice-and-herb—tinged yellow-orange sauce to buoy pieces of tender chicken and fresh vegetables. So what’s the […]

Comfort for the Cold: Chipotle-Seasoned Pot Roast

Taken as I am with the with the texture and flavorful depth of honest-to-goodness American pot roast, I just love the Mexican flavors of roasted tomatillos, garlic and smoky chipotle chiles even more. In the same pot, with a chorus of Mexican-American vegetables, the meat and sauce become a whole. This is, simply, classic comfort food […]

The Only Thanksgiving Leftover Dish You Need

This version of Shepherd’s Pie hits the Thanksgiving leftover trifecta: It (obviously) uses leftovers, feeds a big crowd and can basically be made in one pan. Oh, and it’s really good. We made a couple big batches of it in the Frontera test kitchens and let’s just say they didn’t last long, with chefs and staffers stopping by for big forkfuls and […]