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XOCO: Comfy Pantuflas

It’s winter in Chicago: this weekend temperatures are going to fall to the single digits!  Good thing for Xoco! There is no better warm up than hot chocolate and a churro besides our glowing wood burning oven: well, except maybe not leaving the house at all!  The seasonal menu from the Xoco chefs is available dine-in … Continue reading XOCO: Comfy Pantuflas

A Frontera Holiday Feast

Christmastime in Chicago is downright magical, what with the snow falling gently onto the glowing city streets. Step inside Frontera this month and there’s a different sort of magic, one that evokes the spirit of the Mexican Christmas. It’s warm in here. Festive. And the food? Well, the new menu is all sorts of amazing. “We … Continue reading A Frontera Holiday Feast

Let Topolo Take You to Another Oaxaca

Oaxaca is legendary among Mexico’s regional cuisine. It is, of course, the land of the SEVEN MOLES! But it’s a whole lot more. And that’s where Topolo’s latest menu will take you. First we head to to the beach for oysters and a little mezcal. Then we’re off to the infamous, smoke-filled “taco corridor” in downtown Oaxaca … Continue reading Let Topolo Take You to Another Oaxaca

Frontera’s New Dishes: A Trip to Oaxaca

The latest additions to Frontera’s latest menu are all about Oaxacan flavors. And yes, that means the complex, mouthwatering moles that characterize the Mexico’s South Central region. More on those in a bit. But Oaxaca flavor also means greens—tomatillo, serrano chile, nopales, knob onions—and the tantalizing smoky goodness derived from open-air grilling. Consider our green … Continue reading Frontera’s New Dishes: A Trip to Oaxaca

XOCO: Hot Days, Cool Nights

Tomato plants have reached their full height on the Xoco rooftop garden which means September has arrived!  For Xoco’s new seasonal menu, the Xoco chefs have crafted some dishes to celebrate the sun’s lingering warmth and others well suited to brisker breezes which soon may blow.  We are calling it, “Hot Days, Cool Nights!” Chef Alonso … Continue reading XOCO: Hot Days, Cool Nights