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Thanksgiving Cooking: Pleasure, Not Panic

If you’re not armed with a plan, a clear vision of exactly what you’ll serve and when to prepare it, the prospect of holiday cooking quickly turns from heartwarming joy to pure panic. And that, in turn, leads to irritability, negative energy and possibly likely to inappropriately early cocktails. We’re here to help. Let’s start with the […]

Red poblanos are here; cook ’em while you can.

                  It takes a while for poblanos to turn red—you have to keep them on the vine and resist picking them when they’re green. But when the red ones show up, watch out: Here at Frontera we go a little crazy with them, in the restaurants, in […]

Introducing Farmers Market Mexican, our new web series!

Today we’re psyched to release the first four episodes of our new web series, Farmers Market Mexican. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this series is all about cooking in the moment, with foods from local farmers, and through a Mexican lens. We’ll be releasing these throughout the summer and fall. But for now, we’re […]

This Mother’s Day, we’re making granola. Yes, granola.

This morning, Katy and I spoke at length about what the perfect Mother’s Day recipe is. (Forgetful folks may want to take this as a reminder—Mother’s Day is this Sunday!) Like most people, our first thoughts were of baked goods. But baked goods just weren’t sitting right. Anything with chocolate seemed wrong. Strawberry shortcake—at one time […]

Ramps are here. Let’s make them stay.

Here’s a dirty secret of the food world: Ramps aren’t actually that special. They’re wild leeks (though these days they’re also cultivated), and while, sure, they taste really good (like a slightly sweet, garlicky spring onion), it’s not the ramps themselves that everybody freaks out about—it’s what the ramps symbolize. And what they symbolize is […]