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Día de Los Muertos at Frontera: A Time to Reflect

  Each year, Frontera’s general manager Carlos Alferez creates a traditional “Day of the Dead” altar near the restaurant’s front entrance. It’s an elaborate set up with candles, ofrendas of personal mementos, sugar skulls and photos of our dearly departed. Along with contributions from our staffers, this year’s altar pays special homage to Chicago chefs Charlie […]

A Tropical Party Playlist to Fuel Your Fiesta

It’s (finally) HOT in Chicago, so we felt like releasing some cool old school vibes with the first of our Frontera playlists. Here we have about two hours of my handpicked tropical grooves from Beny Moré to Sergio Mendes. I find it swings in a nicely mellow way without calling too much attention to itself. In other […]

The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Party Planner

Real talk about Cinco de Mayo: This year, it’s on a Monday. Which means that, really, you’ll probably celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Cuatro de Mayo, or Tres de Mayo. No problem. The day you celebrate Cinco de Mayo is not important; it’s what you cook that matters. On that front, we have some ideas: Our […]