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A Remedy for Post-New Year’s Revelry

Call it a hunch, but something tells me you’re going to need a jump start when you wake up tomorrow, whether it’s early in the morning or the afternoon. (I won’t judge.) Something also tells me you won’t want to think too much about cooking. So let’s keep it simple and traditional with tomatillo-sauced chilaquiles, … Continue reading A Remedy for Post-New Year’s Revelry


Celebrate Easter with Frontera

Spring is in the air and we are firing up the wood-burning grills, shaking up breakfast cocktails, arranging flowers, baking tarts and creating the most welcoming vibes for our guests, here and at your place too. Takeout: We’ve created a meal for two filled with lively spring flavors to celebrate Easter. Pre-order now for pickup … Continue reading Celebrate Easter with Frontera


Chilaquiles for a Crowd

Recipe From Season 6 of Mexico - One Plate at a Time
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Chilaquiles for Your Easter Brunch

OK, so it’s not the most traditional Easter brunch dish, but the benefits of cooking these chilaquiles are two-fold — one, this relatively simple recipe feeds a big crowd, and two, they’re absolutely delicious. Instead of a simmering stint on the stovetop, these chilaquiles are finished in a baking dish with a 10-minute stay in … Continue reading Chilaquiles for Your Easter Brunch

Chilaquiles Master Recipe

Simply put, chilaquiles are my (and a great number of people’s) go-to comfort food. They’re like an entrée version of chips and salsa, rich and savory with a unique, satisfying texture. Satisfying like the best pasta dish or great fried rice. Or, perhaps a Chinese fried noodle dish like chow mein, or maybe a good polenta, if you prefer one of those textures. That’s the thing about chilaquiles: you can stop the cooking when the sauce-laced fried tortilla pieces are still crispy (that really is the “chips and warm salsa” version, popular in a lot of Mexico’s coffee shops) or cook them long enough for the tortillas to meld with the sauce, becoming a creamy, delicious mass that’s popular in street vendor tortas in Mexico City. I like chilaquiles somewhere in between. Chilaquiles can be made with practically any sauce, though ones made from tomatillo (chilaquiles verdes) or tomato (chilaquiles rojos) are the most common. (In Oaxaca, the tomato sauce for chilaquiles replaces the typical green chile with the smoky dried chile pasilla oaxaqueño that has been rehydrated and blended with the tomatoes. Canned chipotle is really good in chilaquiles tomato sauce, too.) If ripe tomatoes aren’t available, replace them with a 28-ounce can of fire-roasted tomatoes (3/4 of that can, if making the guajillo version). Sauces made from dried chiles find their way into chilaquiles, too, so I’ve given the directions for a super-delicious guajillo-tomato sauce in this master recipe. To make chilaquiles for 4 people, you need about 4 ½ cups of brothy sauce. Though it may strike you as strange for me to offer such a detailed recipe for such a casual, free-wheeling dish, it’s the only way I can communicate the standard ratio of sauce to crispy tortillas.  After you’ve made it once, you’ll understand the proportions and can start winging your way into your own signature versions.
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Cook Topolobampo’s chilaquiles for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) tonight

We can think of many words to describe chilaquiles. “Sophisticated” is not necessarily one of them. But when we saw what Julio DeLeon, a cook at Topolobampo, is doing with chilaquiles on the new lunch menu (that’s his dish pictured above), “sophisticated” is exactly the word that came to mind. There’s nothing rustic, nothing “artfully messy,” about … Continue reading Cook Topolobampo’s chilaquiles for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) tonight


Facebook Live Recipes

Thanks so much to all of you for tuning into our (almost) daily Facebook Live cooking demos — we’re aiming to broadcast from our test kitchen at 1 p.m. Central time. You can access the Chef Rick Bayless Facebook page here. Sometimes, cooking is the only way to stay centered and we hope you’re getting as … Continue reading Facebook Live Recipes


Guajillo Chilaquiles

Recipe from Season 4, Mexico—One Plate at a Time

Introducing “Tortazo” by Rick Bayless

Chef Rick Bayless is bringing the flavors of Mexico to Willis Tower. Tortazo is the celebrated chef’s new premium fast-casual restaurant located inside the iconic building at 233 S. Wacker Drive. It is slated to open in December. “Tortazo is all about offering soul-satisfying food and drinks, and delivering them with generous-spirited hospitality our guests … Continue reading Introducing “Tortazo” by Rick Bayless

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Mexico One Plate at a Time Season 12: Bayless’ Best Ever

Rick asked. His fans answered. For the twelfth season of Mexico: One Plate at a Time – Bayless’ Best Ever, Rick Bayless returns to bustling Mexico City for an exploration of the country’s most vibrant classics. These are the dishes Rick’s social media followers asked to know. Always the teacher, Rick takes us into the market … Continue reading Mexico One Plate at a Time Season 12: Bayless’ Best Ever
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Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 1

SEASON 1: THE WHOLE ENCHILADA! Highlights from our inaugural season include: Ceviche in the Limelight - Ceviche, traditional Mexican lime-marinated seafood with green chiles and tomato:  it's so ancient, so simple. Holy Mole - Rich, complex and shrouded in mystery,  red mole is widely regarded as the crowning  achievement of Mexican cooking.           … Continue reading Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 1
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Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 4

SEASON 4: FUSION REVOLUTION Highlights from this season include: Super-Hero Sandwich - Join Rick on a hunt for the perfect snacks as he visits Mexico City street stalls selling everything from tacos and snacks to colorful wrestling masks and capes.  Along the way, we discover the history of this uniquely Mexican blend of acrobatics, myth and … Continue reading Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 4
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Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 6

SEASON 6: FIESTA AT RICKS! Yucatan is the home of habanero—arguably the hottest chile in the world—and the subject of chiles is the focus of one episode.  But Rick catches everyone off guard when he points out that the food of the Yucatan is not hot (the dishes are cooked with mild chiles or a … Continue reading Mexico–One Plate at a Time, Season 6

Recipes to Get You Through

Our Frontera team is right there with you. We’re watching the news and wondering what’s next. As we actively anticipate our next steps for the restaurants, we also want to remind you that cooking at at home isn’t canceled. Finding a little peace in your kitchen isn’t canceled. Lighting a few candles, throwing on some … Continue reading Recipes to Get You Through


Season 12 of Rick’s TV Show is About to Begin!

The wait is over! Season 12 of “Mexico: One Plate at a Time” is starting to air on public television stations across America. Find your station here and check back at the official Season 12 page for episode streaming (coming soon)! This season, Rick Bayless returns to bustling Mexico City for an exploration of the … Continue reading Season 12 of Rick’s TV Show is About to Begin!

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The Top 10 Rick Bayless Recipes, New Newsletter & More!

Beginning early next year, we’re morphing our weekly newsletter into something we think you’re going to love. Prepare yourselves for the launching of the Taco Tuesday Times, coming to your inbox after the first of the year.   Yes, we’re promising you 52 taco recipes in one year, and they’ll be delivered to you every … Continue reading The Top 10 Rick Bayless Recipes, New Newsletter & More!