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It’s finally here: The revival of Cascabel!

LookingGlass Theater, Chicago; Shuler Shook; Darris Harris Job#1058

It’s opening night for Cascabel (previews started a few nights ago), so if you’re looking for Rick, look no further than the Goodman Theater. He’ll be there every evening through August 31, starring in the show he co-created with Lookingglass Theatre.

LTC Cascabel Press 0094 web

For those that didn’t see Cascabel the first time, this one-of-a-kind play is a beautiful love story about a bigger-than-life meal, featuring song, dance, acrobatics and delicious food that the audience shares with the actors. The Chicago Sun-Times summed it up in one word: “Dazzling.”

LTC Cascabel Press 1186web

And the best part of this revival? You can still get tickets.



  1. Who how I wish I lived there, I would be first in line. Excellent. It would be awesome if some of these plays were posted here for us who can’t be there. Great post.

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