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A Very Special #TacoTuesday for “The Morning After”

The night was long. The party is over. The cupboards are bare, the house is a mess, the sun’s coming up and you’re ravenous.  The good news? This “morning after taco” will sustain you for what may feel like a long day ahead.  Yeah, it’s little more than a garnished fried egg. But this one’s […]

An Old Bayless Tradition, a New Taco Tuesday Recipe

For the last 26 years, I’ve spent Christmas in Oaxaca, which means the remarkable, indescribable Radish Festival (Google it) and the parish church parades around the main square (Floats! Marching Bands! Fireworks! Dancers!).  And, of course, some of the best food in the world.  Every Christmas season, I travel to Oaxaca with my family. It’s […]

Bistec Encebollado: A Mexican Classic, Adapted for Taco Tuesday

Bistec encebollado is an ideal weeknight taco preparation, one that turns a couple of common ingredients—beef and onions—into a satisfying meal. But you need to get the right kind of meat. What’s called bistec in the Mexican markets is typically thinly cut from the round, meaning it can be seared quickly and then chopped. You never notice that […]

It’s Time for Tongue Tacos

Whole animal cooking is trendy and all, popular like it was just discovered. But the truth is that it’s been done everywhere, all over the world, yes, especially in Mexico. Which brings me to beef tongue, one of the most beloved traditional dishes practically anywhere —well, except modern America. What’s going on? I mean, the […]