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12 Days of Mexican Christmas, Day 3: Rompope


It’s Los Doce Dias De Navidad. Day three. Time to talk about rompope. The big question about rompope is, is it eggnog? The answer: Basically. It’s true that eggnog often incorporates egg whites that have been whipped but not cooked, and that, in contrast, rompope is usually cooked fully. But in all other ways the two are twins. Sometimes this […]

12 Days of Mexican Christmas, Day 2: Ensalada de Noche Buena


For our second day of Los Doce Dias de Navidad, we present a salad. A salad with sprinkles on it. The ensalada de noche buena is traditionally served on, well, noche buena, a.k.a Christmas Eve. Aesthetics are crucial here: The salad is designed in the Christmas color palette of green (lettuce), red (beets, pomegranate seeds) and white (jicama). Of course, if […]

12 Days of Mexican Christmas, Day 1: Buñuelos


As today is December 13th, and as December 13th is just twelve days from Christmas, today is the day we start celebrating Los Doce Dias de Navidad–twelve days of all the Christmas-y things we do here at Frontera. First up: buñuelos. Like almost everything in Mexico, buñuelos vary by region. In Oaxaca the fritters are made only around Christmas; […]