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XOCO’s Summer in the Garden

Summer is a beautiful, comfortable season in Chicago: at Xoco, summer is delicious!  This month the chefs have been inspired by the height-of-summer produce coming in from local farms and what is growing in our gardens at home.  The Caldo de Calabacitas is a remarkably light creamy squash soup with grilled Gunthorp chicken.  When one […]

Behind The Scenes of Topolo’s New Art Menu


Browse all seven courses of our new art menu—and the artworks that inspired them—in the slideshow above. Six weeks ago, Rick gathered the Topolo chefs around the big wood table in our library. “This is going to be absolutely the most difficult thing in the world,” he told them. “You’re taking an emotional reaction and turning it […]

Xoco Revolution, a collaboration with Revolution Brewing

XocoSpring660x440 4

You might recall that earlier this month we held an event at Xoco where we tasted Revolution Beers and some special menu items that we made to pair along with them. Perhaps you even at that event. No? Well don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Those beers—and the food that pairs with them—comprise our new seasonal […]

Chicken fideos and hoja santa tres leches: It’s Frontera’s May menu!


There’s so much #want on Frontera’s new menu. An incomplete list: Those crispy, bacon-stuffed tortitas that come with the pork. The duck carnitas stuffed in the tamal. VANILLA-POACHED RHUBARB We repeat: The above list is incomplete. But scroll through the photos above and you’ll soon have a long list of your own.

Mango guacamole and oyster mushroom tamals—it’s Frontera’s new spring menu!

Camote Cake / Super moist cake of local carrot & Mexican white sweet potato, cream cheese frosting, Xtabentun-cream cheese ice cream, coconut cookie crumble.

Mangos show up a couple times in Frontera’s spring menu: There’s mango in the guacamole (don’t dismiss the power of fruit in guacamole, people) and mango sorbet in the sopa de frutas. But mangos aren’t the only signs of spring: We’ve got fiddlehead ferns in our chicken fideos, shrimp in a herb-packed adobo and carrots in […]