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XOCO: The Endless Summer

For our annual staff trip to Mexico, we began in the Yucatan’s largest city, Merida, and journeyed out into the surrounding wilderness for authentic Mayan cuisine: earthy, charred flavors, with brightness and heat, essentially unchanged for many hundreds of years. Every summer at Xoco, we do the Mayans proud with our Poc Chuc Torta (translation: […]

Duck with salsa macha and PB&J Tres Leches: It’s Frontera in November

Frontera November 2014 180x135

Frontera’s menus always beckon with Mexico’s most alluring flavors. But this month, we went over the top. Check out that duck bathed in a nutty, spicy, sweet salsa macha. Check out that striped bass, which has been marinated in jalapeño and paired with mole almendrado. And have you noted the seasonal guacamole? Toasted pecans. Morita chiles. Grilled […]

Topolo unveils Mexico City, 1941

1941 Luxurious 180x135

The newest Perfect 7 menu at Topolobampo is the latest to reach into the past for inspiration. But this time, it’s a shorter trip. Instead of reaching to, say, Mexico City circa 1671, we head to Mexico City, 1941. Here you’ll find a lot of dishes that are now classics— fideos, mole de olla, pan de […]

Wild mushroom turnovers and smoked pork enchiladas—it’s Frontera’s October offerings!

Mushroom Empanadas 180x135

October sneaked up on us and now there’s no denying it: Fall is here, with all the amazing foods that come with it. Check out the roasted butternut mash on that plate with the pork in tomamole. And look at the threads of Swiss chard running through those tamales. The wild mushrooms stuffed inside those crispy […]