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Make Mexican for Memorial Day


No, I’m not expecting you to dig a classic Mexican backyard pit to cook lamb barbacoa for your Memorial Day taco party. (If you really want to, though, here’s my step-by-step procedure…) But I can suggest an alternate version, one where a lamb shoulder, wrapped in aromatic leaves and marinated in red chile, roasts in […]

Taco Tuesday/

Chicken Tacos with Sorrel Salsa: So Good, So Easy


In my garden, the appearance of herby green sorrel, in all of its fresh green, lemony-splendor, means spring is in full swing. To tell the truth, I inherited the plant, and never really had a passion for it, never had a go-to dish to use it.  Until I learned from fellow chef/restaurateur Cindy Pawlcyn to […]


May is Blooming at XOCO!!


April showers have given way to May…showers. Seriously, the sun has been out for like one day all month, but that hasn’t stopped XOCO’s amazing chefs from thinking spring. Chef Wil has kicked things off with a brand new salad featuring a green garlic mojo made with manzano chile, a specialty  variety grown for us by our […]


The Topolo Timeline Menu Offers the Best of the Past Decade

Xonequi con Lengua_180x135
Over the last decade, the chefs at Topolobampo have had the opportunity to explore first hand many of the rich regional cuisines of Mexico. When you taste dishes that have been made by traditional cooks in Villahermosa, say, or Oaxaca, Veracruz or Chiapas, you can’t help but respect the generations of experience that have led [...]
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A Whole Lotta Ricotta (and Poblano and Kale)


It’s not everyday that you can describe a taco as “refreshing,” but this is #TacoTuesday and anything can happen. See, this filling of fresh ricotta, poblanos and blanched greens not only makes for an easy weeknight dinner, it also offers interesting, unexpected flavors and textures. Scoop the cool filling into a warm tortilla, top with […]