notes from the mexican kitchen

XOCO Welcomes Spring!


When we look through our big windows onto busy Clark Street, we’re starting to see everyone walking with a little more bounce in their step. Everyone’s still wearing jackets, mind you, but the sun is making its triumphant return and the days are getting a bit longer. Our chefs wanted to create a menu that […]

Taco Tuesday/

We’re Picking Oaxacan Picadillo for Taco Tuesday


At first blush, a sizzling pan of this pork picadillo may resemble Sloppy Joes or even those cafeteria tacos made with ground beef and spice packets. ::Shudders:: But salvation from those schoolhouse memories comes in the form of true southern Mexico flavor. Though this filing is indeed made of ground meat, it’s rich with tomatoes […]


Experience “Frontera Perfection”


Literally hundreds of dishes have been introduced in our kitchen since 1987. We can’t keep them all of course, but what we can do is pick the best of the bunch. That’s exactly what Frontera’s latest menu is, a roundup of sorts showcasing the very best versions of iconic dishes we’ve served over the years. […]

Taco Tuesday/

Taco Tuesday: Put it in a Packet


Allow me to make a departure from the braised meats, cheesy fundidos and soul-nurturing vegetable dishes of Taco Tuesdays past. Today, we’re veering into slightly exotic territory with a mixiote of mushrooms, bacon and garlic mojo, which is basically a beautiful golden bath of roasted garlic oil. We’re able to create deep, interesting flavor here […]


Taco Tuesday Will Satisfy Your Soul


If you follow my writing, you’ll see I sometimes employ the phrase “soul-satisfying” to describe certain dishes. See, I just think that something happens when we eat honest-to-goodness food, some sort of necessary, beautiful connection between body and soul signaling that, yeah, some things are still right in our world. These tacos of beans and greens […]