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Hola, Fonda Frontera

We heard you, Wicker Park. We’re leaving the Xoco Bistro name behind and evolving into Fonda Frontera, our Mexico City-inspired neighborhood restaurant. “Like the fondas in Mexico City — those homey places serving classic, local food — ours is warm and comfortable, and embodies the essence of Frontera: Mexican spirit, local heart,” said Chef Rick Bayless. [...]
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“Emergency” Black Bean Tacos: A Near-Instant Cure for the Hangry

It happens all the time — there’s seemingly nothing in the pantry to cobble together any kind of dinner. At least in the time I know I have before I pass out from hunger. Allow me to introduce you to the “emergency taco,” long a secret weapon in our restaurant kitchens. Basically, we’re folding black beans […]

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A New #TacoTuesday Obsession: Crispy Chicken Thighs with Creamy Jalapeño Salsa

There really is a lot to love about this recipe — like, say, the crispy-skin chicken thighs, the aromatic garlic, the low-fuss factor — but for me this one’s all about the salsa, which is more like a tangy, spicy, herby eggless mayonnaise that uses garlic and jalapeños as the emulsifier. Creamy and vibrant, the […]

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Your New Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe: Country Ribs with Fennel-Apple Slaw

In my kitchen, the autumn slow cooker season is in full swing. There really isn’t anything better than coming home on a crisp evening to a house brimming with mouthwatering aroma— especially when it’s from big, meaty country ribs cooking in red chile adobo. “Country ribs,” for the uninitiated, is the name (at least in the […]

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Indulgent Weeknight Perfection: Pork Belly Tacos with Apple Guacamole

Score one for efficiencies in the modern food system. Luxurious pork belly is no longer relegated to butcher shops and restaurant kitchens. Well-stocked grocery stores are now carrying cooked pork belly (I buy it regularly at Trader Joe’s), allowing home cooks to skip a whole mess of steps and get right to the cooking. That […]