notes from the mexican kitchen

Huge News! You Can Take Rick’s Cooking Classes on Craftsy

Rick has teamed up with our friends at Craftsy to bring you unprecedented access to the Frontera kitchen. Launched today, the “Essentials of Mexican Cooking” series contains five streaming video lessons presented in glorious high definition. Access them anytime and anywhere. Rick will step you through 15 recipes, including handmade tortillas, rustic salsas, taco fillings, […]


Topolo’s Stunning New Menu: Chicago’s Winter Bounty

No one believes it (certainly no one expects it): a luxurious menu of local the Chicago. Still, the deliciousness that unfolds on this menu celebrates joyously that it can be done. In fact, Chicago cooks a century ago wouldn't have understood what the fuss was about. They cooked with local ingredients all winter [...]

XOCO Starts the New Year Happy and Hearty

Our resolution is all about you. We want you to eat well in 2017, so our chefs have been hard at work creating a seasonal menu that reflects the potential and promise associated with a new year. Speaking of potential, Rafael, one of our amazing prep cooks, absolutely nailed it when he contributed his recipe […]


A Few Notes on Our Holiday Hours

A few things to know as we head into the most wonderful time of the year: Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, XOCO,  Leña Brava, Cruz Blanca and Fonda Frontera will be closed on Saturday, Dec. 24 and Sunday Dec. 25. Frontera Grill, Topolobampo and XOCO (our Clark Street restaurants) are open Dec. 27 through New Year’s Eve. […]

Taco Tuesday/

A Very Special #TacoTuesday for “The Morning After”

The night was long. The party is over. The cupboards are bare, the house is a mess, the sun’s coming up and you’re ravenous.  The good news? This “morning after taco” will sustain you for what may feel like a long day ahead.  Yeah, it’s little more than a garnished fried egg. But this one’s […]