notes from the mexican kitchen

Xoco goes pink for breast cancer awareness

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Xoco‘s getting involved: On Thursday, October 16th, both Xoco River North and Xoco Wicker Park will unveil a hot-pink churro. This bright new offering (the color comes from Red Hots) is being sold with one goal: To raise money for breast cancer research. $1 from each sale will go to the […]

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A weekend mole that doesn’t take all weekend

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  Moles are not everyday sauces. Truthfully, they’re not even every week sauces. In Mexico, moles are usually reserved for big parties and other special occasions, because, well, people have to work, you know? Capitalism doesn’t run on people sitting around and toasting chiles all day. And yet for every rule, there is an exception, and that’s […]


Wild mushroom turnovers and smoked pork enchiladas—it’s Frontera’s October offerings!

Mushroom Empanadas 180x135

October sneaked up on us and now there’s no denying it: Fall is here, with all the amazing foods that come with it. Check out the roasted butternut mash on that plate with the pork in tomamole. And look at the threads of Swiss chard running through those tamales. The wild mushrooms stuffed inside those crispy […]


VIDEO: Inside the night of food and sound with Rick and Glenn Kotche

A few weeks ago Rick teamed with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche for a unique evening of food, cocktails and sound. The event—a fundraiser for the Frontera Farmer Foundation—was one of those nights you just can’t replicate. But check out these videos and for a minute or two, you’ll feel like you were there.

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Sunday is for Sopa Azteca

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There are thick, pureed soups, soups that are like winter blanket—you just want to wrap yourself in them when it starts snowing outside. And then there’s tortilla soup—sopa Azteca, if you want to be authentic about it. A beautiful broth enriched with chiles, poured over chicken, topped with crunchy tortilla strips and finished with crema. It’s […]