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Taco Tuesday: Sriracha-Glazed Turnips to Blow Your Mind


Look, there’s no reason why this recipe should work. In fact, I can’t even justify why you should ever even put Sriracha-glazed turnips with blue cheese and bacon in a tortilla. Except that—who knows why?—it’s just plain crave-able. Weird, but crave-able. And yes, you’re right, there’s nothing at all traditional about it. But I’m here to […]

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Taco Tuesday: It’s Time to Fry Some Cheese


Taco with cheese and salsa — you can’t go wrong, right? Well, no, you can’t. But this week’s Taco Tuesday takes those humble ingredients to a place you may have not been before. Here, we’re filling tacos with golden brown slices of frying cheese — that’s right, frying cheese — which you can find in most grocery […]


Announcing Cruz Blanca and Leña Brava


Ok, I’m ready to talk. You see, I’m kinda superstitious. Not like a lot of chefs who have a dream and announce it to the press. I like to see my flowers bud out first, before I say they’re going to bloom. Well, our Randolph Street project is about to bloom. Within two months, we’re […]


Topolo Takes You To “Mexico City, 1491”

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  In 1492 the first Europeans set foot on New World soil and changed the course of history. They brought guns and horses, new languages and diseases, and, of course, a host of ingredients that quickly found their way into the kitchen. Before their arrival, indigenous ingredients had been woven into unique flavors for millennia. […]

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Taco Tuesday: Give Chayote a Chance


Chayote is bland, you say. Tasteless. Pointless. A little weird. I’ll concede some of that. But have you ever tried chayote that’s been high-heat roasted? Changes everything. The heat concentrates all of chayote’s light flavor and juicy texture, bringing out attributes we’ll underscore here with an herby, spicy green adobo and a spark of lime […]